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FAQ Lists

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list is a bulleted list of questions that appear as linked text. When the user clicks on one of the questions, the answer appears below. FAQs can be set up in the main content area of any interior page. There can only be one FAQ list per section. To set up an FAQ, follow these steps:

1. From the T4 site structure, find the section where you want the FAQ to appear and choose Modify Content. 

2. For a new FAQ list, click Add Content and choose the FAQ Box content type. Then fill out the fields for FAQ Box content type:

Name: The name of the piece of content, used for system purposes only.

Sub-Heading: Large text that displays above the FAQ list.

Text Below Questions: This is used in the old template. Please leave this blank.

3. Once you have created an FAQ Box, or if one already exists in the section, you can add questions/answers by clicking Add Content and choosing the FAQ Item content type. The FAQ Item content type has the following fields:

Name: The name of the piece of content, used for system purposes only.

Question: Appears as clickable text in the bulleted list of FAQs.

Answer: Appears underneath the question when the question is clicked on.

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