Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Think Green and Give

Think Green and Give is a charitable collection event in which gently used, clean clothing and household items, and nonperishable unopened food/toiletries are collected at the end of the academic year when students move out of the residence halls for the summer.

PROBLEM: Colleges and universities nationwide generate up to 100 tons of additional trash during spring move-out. Many of those items can be donated/reused.

SOLUTION: Students are given the opportunity to drop off unwanted and REUSABLE items.

  • Donations—Go to those in need
  • Students pack a lighter load as they head out for summer
  • REUSE—go green and be part of the solution

America's Disabled and local food pantries are recipients of Think Green and Give.

Off-Campus Donations

Live off-campus but want to donate items? There are several Chicago organizations that will take your unwanted clothing or household items.

Type of Materials AcceptedName of Organization
Clothing and Household Items
Food and Toiletries
Cell Phones and Electronics
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers
    • 312.994.5830
    • By mail only
  • Staples
    • various locations
    • Accepts: laptops, wireless routers, ink and toner cartridges, old computers, printers, keyboards, fax machines, etc.

Bring expired medications to various locations throughout Chicago to have them disposed of properly. See each website for details on location.