Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Searle Biodiesel Lab

The Searle Biodiesel Lab is an integral part of the Loyola Biodiesel Program. This space allows undergraduate students to run our biodiesel enterprise, conduct research, and provide education support for any seeking information on clean energy projects (at Loyola or beyond). Tours of the Clean Energy Lab are open to any interested parties by reservation.

About the Lab

The Loyola Facilities team is credited for their incredible support in building this new space. The dedicated Clean Energy Lab hosts a number of features that make the space both functional and safe for fuel production. The Searle Biodiesel Lab at 6349 North Kenmore was built in 2013 to accommodate our growing operations in the Institute of Environmental Sustainability.

The lab serves as an interactive learning environment where students learn the processes involved in making biodiesel, zero-waste production techniques, and converting by-products into usable/sell-able products. The space is home to our 5th generation biodiesel processor, methanol recovery system, soap production equipment, and laboratory space for research and quality testing.

Ongoing Projects