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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Student Organizations

Join other students on campus to explore new experiences to make your time at Loyola all the more impactful. Meeting your peers and engaging others promotes change on campus, locally and globally. Below you will find several student groups at Loyola that have an environmental focus.

ChainLinks: One of Loyola's social enterprises designed and operated by Loyola students, ChainLinks is a bike rental business launched by students in the Bike Club and supports the local bike culture. So save some time and grab a bike to get around town.

Biodiesel Club: The Biodiesel Club is open to any student interested in learning about, making, and teaching people about this alternative fuel produced in the Loyola Biodiesel Lab. Biodiesel, an alternative to petrol-diesel, is made on campus in a student-developed lab by converting waste vegetable oil into a viable road fuel.

Growers Guild: Growers Guild promotes sustainability initiatives on campus by introducing the community to urban agriculture and permaculture techniques. By creating garden spaces and edible landscapes, students and community members are invited to partake in the maintenance of these plots and gain hands-on learning opportunities.

Net Impact: Loyola Net Impact is an organization of graduate students that attend Loyola and represent a variety of business sectors. Members are committed to practicing and promoting the principles of social responsibility throughout the local community and beyond.

Student Environmental Alliance: The Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) is a campus organization dedicated to protecting and sustaining the natural environment. SEA accomplishes this through education and action. Through education and action, the students take this new awareness and translate it into tangible actions to stop environmental destruction and create solutions for a better future.

Students in Free Enterprise: SIFE is an organization that can be found on more than 1,400 college and university campuses worldwide. The organization fosters skills learned in the classroom and allows for students to work together and complete projects that benefit the community. Loyola's SIFE competes with teams from across the nation to develop and implement projects which allow their skills in the business world to be coupled with a desire to help others.

Unified Student Government Association: The Unified Student Government Association (USGA) is committed to voice the concerns of the student body, to act as an instrument for the cooperation of students, faculty and administration, to provide an open forum for dialogue and a voice for student opinions concerning the traditions, ideas, and affairs of the University. USGA strives to afford all undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in the management of their own affairs.

Vegetarian and Vegan Society: The Loyola Vegetarian and Vegan Society and USGA Dining Committee are partners with Loyola's Dining Services to help further promote a healthy diet, including a vegetarian and/or vegan diet.

Environmental Law Society: The Environmental Law Society is committed to improving student awareness and education in the field of environmental affairs from ethical, legal, scientific, economic, policy and sociological perspectives. The ELS seeks to promote the improvement of ecological integrity through regular meetings, speaker series, legislative monitoring, and other means that may arise.

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