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‌The Institute of Environmental Sustainability provides hands-on work opportunities for students to get deeply involved in our environmental initiatives, scholarships to support these opportunities, and connections with external partners for additional opportunities beyond the university.

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Internships/Fellowships Application Timeline

Current Scholarship Opportunities

Rachel Carson Scholarship Award--deadline 3/2/16

The Rachel Carson Scholarship provides the opportunity for students to learn about nature by studying in nature through summer coursework at Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC). LUREC is Loyola’s newest campus located 50 miles NE of Chicago, on 98 acres of wetland, forest, prairies, and ponds, with a 3 acre organic student farm. Courses offered at LUREC include Field Ornithology, Principles of Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Sustainable Agriculture. Awardees will be required to take one 3-week course during the early summer session, in each of two years while at Loyola, and also serve as ambassadors for LUREC with their peers. Four $2,500 per year scholarships will be awarded for up to four years each to qualified new freshman or transfer students who have been admitted into the Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES). Prospective candidates must be admitted to Loyola prior to February 1, 2016. All qualified applicants must complete and submit this application by March 1, 2016. The recipients will be notified by April 8, 2016. Please check your admitted student status page for the application.
Apply here

IES LUREC Scholarship deadline 3/25/16 IES is offering multiple scholarships for ENVS majors to take classes during Loyola's summer session at LUREC in May and August.
IES LUREC Scholarship Summer 2016

Community Action Scholarship (CAS)--

deadline 5/1/16

Build collaborative relationships. Design your own project and earn $1000 toward tuition for the fall 2016 semester. To apply: e-mail personal statements, including project proposal and resume to communityactionscholarship@luc.edu no later than 12 a.m. on May 1, 2016. Student will implement this project in fall of 2016 and/or spring of 2017.  For a complete list of application material needed, view the CAS Application Guidelines 2016. To view last year's winning project by Marina Garcia and to use it as a sample for your own ideas and projects, go here.


Current Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

IES Internships (besides Summer 2016 LUREC Internships) use a common application. You can apply for multiple internships with a single application.

Delta Institute internship May - August 2016.  Applications due to Rachel Leamon by May 1, 2016. See this description of the Delta Institute Internship.
Peggy Notebaert Museum internship May - August 2016.  Applications due to Rachel Leamon by May 1, 2016. See the Notebaert Internship Application, 2016.

Check back each semester to see what is available.

Application Timeline

Spring Semester20162017
Application Open Nov. 16 Nov. 1
Application Deadline Dec. 4 Nov. 18
Interviews Dec. 12 - Jan. 22 Nov. 28 - Dec. 4
Decision By Jan. 22 Dec. 10
Summer Session20162017
Application Open Feb. 15 Feb. 13
Application Deadline Mar. 4 Mar. 3
Interviews Mar. 14 - Mar. 18 Mar. 13 - Mar. 17
Decision By Mar. 31 Mar. 31
Fall Semester20162017
Application Open Aug. 1 Aug. 4
Application Deadline Aug. 31 Sep. 1
Interviews Sep. 6 - Sep. 9 Sep. 5 - Sep. 8
Decision By Sep. 9 Sep. 8

Additional Loyola University Chicago Internship Resources

You can find information about additional undergraduate research programs at Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP).

Another resource to look for hands-on learning opportunities is through Loyola University Chicago's Center for Experiential Learning (CEL). The CEL serves students, faculty, staff, and community partners as a resource for community-based experiential learning opportunities and partnerships.

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