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Carbon Fellow Recipients

Congratulations to the following students awarded the prestigious Michael and Dorothy Carbon Fellowship Program!

Current Carbon FellowsTermMentorsProjects
Maxwell Moore 2015-2017 Dr. Daniel Becker (Chemistry)            Dr. Dali Liu (Chemistry) Targeting Vitamin B6 Biosynthesis Through PdxR: A Novel Antimicrobial Strategy
Leann Ngo 2015-2017 Dr. Brian Ohsowski (Institute of Environmental Sustainability) Invasive Plant Biomass: Phytoremediation of Contaminated Sediments in the Grand Calument River
Suraj Sheth 2015-2017 Dr. Bryan Pickett (Biology) Using Mutant Troponins to Study the Developmental, Functional, and Regenerative Aspects of Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Jorge Yanar 2015-2017 Dr. Robert Morrison (Psychology) Development of Neural Connectivity Toolbox for Human Scalp Electroencephalography Recordings and its Application to the Study of Cognitive Aging
 Elana Baltrusaitis 2016-2018  Dr. Dali Liu (Biochemistry)  Determining OTUD6B: A Novel Cancer Research Strategy
 Andrea Garretto 2016-2018  Dr. Catherine Putonti (Biology) Isolate and characterize the phage population within the bladder and design a computer program to automate phage genome assembly and annotation.
 Paul Risteca 2016-2018

 Dr. John Kelly (Biology)

Explore the interactions between microplastic pollutants, persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and bacterial communities in freshwater ecosystems.
 Saad Kothawala 2016-2018  Dr. Ken Olsen (Chemistry) To understand how the structure-function relationships of oncogenic Gi-mutants differ from those of the wild-type protein.
Previous Carbon FellowsTermMentorsProjects
Katherine Bruder 2014-2016 Catherine Putonti (Biology)
Susan Baker (Stritch)
Pushing Phages to the Genomic Limit
Kaitlyn Lovato 2014-2016 Daniel Becker (Chemistry)
Kenneth Olsen (Chemistry)
Creating the Next Antibiotic: Identifying and Synthesizing Inhibitors of DapE
Patrick Canniff 2014-2016 Tham Hoang (Institute of Environmental Sustainability)
Timothy Hoellein (Biology)
Determining microplastics in the sediment of Lake Michigan and potential effects though the food chain
Volodymyr Didorchuk 2014-2016 Howard Laten (Biology)
Mark Albert (Computer Science)
Impact of retrotransposons on plant evolution
Jonathon Brenner 2013-2015 Catherine Putonti (Bioinformatics)
George Thiruvathukal (Computer Science)
Unearthing Genomic Fossils of Symbiotic Relationships
Emily Cybulla 2013-2015 Daniel Becker (Chemistry)
Dali Liu (Biochemistry)
Novel GabR Inhibitors as New Antibiotics for Cystic Fibrosis
Maxim Maron 2013-2015 Tham Hoang (Ecotoxicology)
Kim Williamson (Physiology/Immunology)
Domenic Castignetti (Microbial Physiology)
Screen of LOPAC using Flow Cytometric
Nicole Minalt 2013-2015 John Kelly (Microbial Ecology)
Aaron Packman (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University)
Characterizing the Ecology of Bacterial Biofilms within Municipal Drinking Water Distribution Systems
David Baltrusaitis 2012-2014 Catherine Putonti (Bioinformatics, Biology) John Kelly (Microbiology) CRISPs: A Hindrance to Viral Conquest
Mouneeb Choudry 2012-2014 Daniel Becker (Chemistry)
Richard Holz (Chemistry)
Synthesis of Potential Inhibitors of dapE Enzymes
Natasha Vyas 2012-2014 Rebecca Silton (Psychology)
Amy Heineke (School of Education)
Neural Correlates Associated with Executive Function Performance in Bilingual Individuals
Paul Wadsworth 2012-2014 Dali Liu (Biochemistry)
Ken Olsen (Chemistry)
Simulation Assisted Enzyme Engineering on N-Acyl Homoserine Lactonase, AiiA
Miguel Barajas 2011-2013 F. Bryan Pickett (Biology)
Catherine Putonti (Bioinformatics, Biology)
Understanding Embryo Patterning: Fetal Alcohol Effects and the Roles and Regulations of the Gene Raldh2
Sheena Hussain 2011-2013 Ken Olsen (Chemistry)
Karie Scrogin (Molecular Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Loyola Stritch School of Medicine)
Development of Hemoglobin Nanoparticle as a Potential Blood Substitute
Krista Reiling 2011-2013 Catherine Putonti (Bioinformatics, Biology) Dali Liu (Biochemistry) Viral Evolution of Genomic Composition and Protein Structure 
Ashley Schon 2011-2013 Stefan Kanzok (Biology)
Catherine Putonti (Bioinformatics, Biology)
Stress Response as Survival Mechanism for the Human Malaria Parasite during Mosquito Transmission
Jennifer Gomez 2010-2012 Daniel Becker (Chemistry)
John Kelly (Biology)
Carbohydrate Microarray Synthesis for Pathogen Detection and Capture (Featured in the Endeavors, Loyola's research highlights distributed by Office of Research Services)
Srividya Prasad 2010-2012 Jacob Ciszek (Chemistry) 
Douglas Natelson (Physics and Astronomy, Rice University)
Functionalization of Rubrene Crystals via Vapor Phase Reaction
Bryan Quach 2010-2012 Catherine Putonti (Biology, Computer Science)
Stefan Kanzok (Biology)
Konstantin Laufer (Computer Science)
Computational and Experimental Analysis of the Malaria Parasite's Gene Expression
Brian M. Sweis 2010-2012 Louis R. Lucas (Biology)
Robert G. Morrison (Psychology)
The Behavioral and Neurochemical Analysis of the Effects of Chronic Stress on Mental Health
Krishna Bharani 2009-2011 Ken Olsen (Chemistry)
Miguel Ballicocra (Biochemistry)
Allosteric Mechanisms of Effector Binding on ADP-glucose Pyrophosphorylase
Lauren Mogil 2009-2011 Howard Laten (Biology
Catherine Putonti (Computer Science)
Experimental and Computational Analyses of Retrotransposon-associated Satellite DNAs in the Genomes of Complex Organisms
Emily Peterson 2009-2011 John Kelly (Microbiology)
Richard Holz (Chemistry)
Development of a Bacterial Community Microarray
Laurel Yohe 2009-2011 Louis Lucas (Biology)
Duke Han (Psychology)
The Behavioral and Neurochemical Analysis of the Effects of Stress on Aggressive Behavior
Donald Jonker 2008-2010 Howard Laten (Biology)
Tom Gallagher (Microbiology and Immunology)
Expression and Function of Genes from the Soybean Retroelement SIRE1
Gennadiy (Gene) Katsevman 2008-2010 M. William Rochlin (Biology)
Timothy O'Brien (Mathematics / Statistics)
Does Eph/Ephrin Signaling Contribute to the Divergence of Sensory Nerves During Embryonic Development?
Alyssa Kuschel 2008-2010 Ken Olsen (Chemistry)
John Olson (Biochemistry, Cell Biology) Rice University
The Effects of Mutations on Oxygen Binding to Myoglobin: Computational and Experimental Studies.
Michal Olszewski 2008-2010 Nancy Tuchman (Biology), Pamela Geddes (Biology), Shane Lishawa (Biology), Alanah Fitch (Chemistry), and Daniel Larkin (Chicago Botanic Garden) Effects of Invasive Plant Species on Wetland Denitrification and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
April Williams 2008-2010 Catherine Putonti (Computer Science, Biology)
Kimberly Williamson (Biology)
Methods for Recognizing the Adaptation of Pathogens to Host.
Martin Bezener 2007-2009 Martina Schmeling (Chemistry), Martin Buntinas (Mathematics), David Treering (Geographic Information Systems) Air Quality studies in Chicago
Christine Falaschetti 2007-2009 Ken Olsen (Chemistry, computational modeling)
Miguel Ballicora (Biochemistry)
Molecular Mechanisms for the Control of Starch Production in Plants
Frank Garcia 2007-2009 Ken Olsen (Chemistry)
Michael Mardent (Biology, INSERM, Paris, France)
Computational and Experimental Studies of Oxygen Binding to Neuroglobin
Tanya Grancharova 2007-2009 John Kelly (Microbiology), Pamela Geddes (Wetland Ecology), and Timothy O'Brien (Mathematics and Statistics) Impacts of an Invasive Plant Species on Nitrogen Cycling Bacterial Communities in Freshwater Wetland Sediments

Highlighted Carbon Fellow Research

Undergraduate Carbon Fellow, April Williams, has her research highlighted in "Becoming an Independent Thinker," Endeavors, Summer 2010, Issue 2, pg. 10.