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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Areas of Expertise

Loyola has a multidisciplinary team of faculty and staff whose research and expertise focuses on themes related to the environmental and ecological sustainability, particularly in urban settings. The Institute of Environmental Sustainability facilitates their collaborative research while students in the Environmental Sciences Department enjoy working and studying alongside these faculty in their labs and classrooms. Below is a partial list of our affiliated faculty and their areas of expertise: 

Environmental Science & Ecology

Martin Berg, PhD Biology, Aquatic Invasive Species and Food Webs
V. Bala Chaudhary, PhD Environmental Science, Biology, Mychorrhizal Fungal Ecology
Paul Chiarelli, PhD Chemistry, Cancer and Carcinogens
Kelly Garbach, PhD Environmental Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystem Assessment, Social/Ecological Systems
Timothy Hoellein, PhD Biology, Aquatic Ecology
Reuben P. Keller, PhD Environmental Science, Global Environmental Change, Human Economic Systems, Human Behavior, Invasive Species
John Kelly, PhD Microbial Ecology, Soil Microbiology
Bill Kroll, PhD Biology, Ecology
Roberta Lammers-Campbell, PhD Biology, Ecology of Wetland Ecosystems
Christopher Peterson, PhD Environmental Science, Freshwater Algal Ecology
Alanah Fitch, PhD Chemistry, Lead in Soils, Clay Chemistry
Martina Schmeling, PhD Chemistry, Air Pollution and Global Climate Change
Carole Szpunar, PhD, MBA Chemistry, Coal and Fossil Fuel Emissions
Nancy Tuchman, PhD Biology, Aquatic Ecosystem Function, Global Climate Change, Emerging Toxins in Water, Human Impacts 

Computing Systems, Statistical Analysis, and Urban Business

Raymond Benton, Jr., PhDBusiness, Sustainable Production and Consumption

Len Gingerella Business, Entrepreneurship
Konstantin Läufer, PhD Computer Science, Software Architecture, Concurrent and Distributed Systems, Mobile and Embedded Computing
Tim O'Brien, PhD Mathematics and Statistics, Statistical Analyses of Environmental Data
George K. Thiruvathukal, PhD Computer Science, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Scalable Data Management, Mobile/Wireless Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Policy

Louis Cain, PhDBusiness, Environmental Policy in Chicago, Water Quality Economics

John Frendreis, PhD Political Science,  Environmental Policy
Brett Frischmann, JD Law, Environmental Law
Alan Gitelson, PhD Political Science, Special Interest Groups
John Pelissero, PhD Political Science, Urban and State Politics
Anita Weinberg, JD Law, Lead Poisoning Prevention, Social Policy, Social Justice, Child Law

Human/Environment Interactions and Social Justice

Daniel Amick, PhDAnthropology, Human Ecology and Land Use Strategies

James Calcagno, PhD Anthropology, Behavioral Ecology
Anne Figert, PhD Sociology, Environmental Sociology
William French, PhD Theology, Environmental Ethics
Diana P. Hackbarth, RN, PhD Nursing, Air Pollution Related Asthma
Theodore Karamanski, PhD History, Environmental History of the Great lakes
Holly Kramer, MD Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Renal Epidemiology
Marilyn Krogh, PhD Sociology, Urban Studies
Amy Luke, PhD Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Nutritional Epidemiology
Harold Platt, PhD History, Historical Environmental Issues, Water Crises in Megacities
Mark Pollock, PhD Communication, Environmental Advocacy
Tania M. Schusler, PhD Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Citizen Engagement in Environmental Issues
David Shoham, PhD, MSPH Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Renal and Social Epidemiology

Science Education, Outreach, and Chicago Public Service

Environmental Science, Science Education

Rola Khishfe, PhD Education, Science Education
Phil Nyden, PhD Sociology, Urban Research and Learning
David Slavsky, PhD Science and Math Education

   Institute for Environmental Sustainability Faculty and Staff

David Crumrine, PhDActing Director and Professor of Chemistry

Tham C. Hoang, PhD Ecotoxicologist and Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Beth Lawrence, PhD Post-doctoral Researcher
Gina Lettiere Sustainability Specialist
Shane Lishawa, MS Research Associate
James Mastaler, MA Graduate Assistant and Doctoral Student in Theology
Fr. Stephen Mitten, SJ Resident Ecology Faculty and Spiritual Director
David J. Treering Geographic Information Systems Specialist
Lane Vail, MS Research Associate
Zachary Waickman Biodiesel Lab Manager


Institute of Environmental Sustainability
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