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Cuneo Hall

About the Building

Cuneo Hall is a LEED Gold Certified Building that opened in June 2012.  It helps retain the old architecture feeling on campus by closely resembling its neighboring buildings, Dumbach Hall and Cudahy Science.  It is used for classrooms and offices. 

There is a small display at the front of each classroom that shows whether the building is being mechanically ventilated or naturally ventilated. When naturally ventilaed, it tells the professor and students in the classroom that opening a window is the most effective way to keep the classroom environment comfortable.

Cuneo took the place of Damen Hall, a building known to have an asbestos problem with architecture that was relatively unflattering to Loyola.

Sustainability Features

Cuneo Hall utilizes a white rooftop with a large number of green vegetation.  The white roof reflects sunlight to help keep the building cooler in the summer, while the vegetation helps to insulate the building year-round.  The garden also absorbs and cleans rain water that would otherwise enter the Chicago sewer system.  Cuneo's exterior is high performance and acts as an excellent thermal envelope for the building.  Chilled water circulates through the ceiling to cool the building in winter months.

The classrooms utilize blackout shades as well as manual/automated blinds to control natural lighting.  The skylight in the atrium allows for natural lighting in the main hallways.

In case of a fire, vents will open to outside air and exhaust fans at the top of the atrium will engage to draw smoke up and out of the building. 

SCB Architecture is doing a 10 year investigation of the energy efficiency of the building

Some other interesting facts about Cuneo


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