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Institute of Environmental Sustainability


Energy & Buildings

Our physical infrastructure has an enormous impact on Loyola's energy and carbon footprint. We take pride in the efficiency and conservation achieved on all of our campuses.

Over the past 10 years, our Facilities Management Department has constructed new, high-efficiency buildings and completed major retrofits and renovations to improve older and historic buildings. Our electric and natural gas usage and cost per square foot has dropped by 62% since 2001 and continues to decrease.

This now saves almost 30,000 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere each year. This is equivalent to not burning 150 rail cars full of coal or 360 tanker trucks full of gasoline. View these building summaries to see some of the great things we have achieved with our new building construction. Read more about our focus on Energy Use.

Take a virtual tour of Cuneo Hall and learn more about its green technologies!

For similar summaries of other new buildings, see the Institute for Urban Environmental Sustainability.

Net-Zero Energy Campus

The Loyola University Chicago Retreat & Ecology Campus (LUREC) is in Bull Valley, McHenry County, Illinois, 50 miles northwest of Chicago. This new campus offers the opportunity to create a 'Net-Zero energy' facility, where efficiency improvements and retrofits have the potential to bring the total energy use to a level that can be made up entirely by renewable energy sources located on the property.

This ambitious plan is already in progress. Simple, obvious improvements have been implemented such as improved insulation, replacement of single-paned windows and replacement of inefficient HVAC systems. We are in the process of planning the renewable installations, including photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal, a wind turbine and ground loop geothermal, which will cover all energy needs for the campus. Below is a sample of the plan to become a "Net-Zero" energy campus.

Water Conservation

Water use for irrigation has been decreased and the stormwater diversion from the sewer system back into Lake Michigan has been dramatically increased to 13 million gallons per year. Green roofs have been installed and more are underway on over 50,000 square feet of roof space and will result in 8 LEED Certified buildings. Read more about our Water Conservation focus.

More information on our the physical campus aspects related to sustainability efforts can be found on our interactive campus map.


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