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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Water Conservation

 Loyola is located along the shores of a national treasure, Lake Michigan.  And the University recognizes that, with such close proximity, the potential to undervalue the Lake's gifts - fresh drinking water, recreational amenities and more -  can exist. 

Therefore, from faculty to administration, staff, and students, Loyola is the leading university in Chicago on aquatic research, takes a stand on fair access to drinking water, and conserves the precious resource that is also known as "blue gold".

Student-Driven Bottled Water Ban

Loyola students voted to ban the sale of bottled water on campus, viewing access to water as a fundamental human right. Read more...

Aquatic Ecology Research

Faculty and students conduct collaborative research on aquatic ecology and regional water issues. Read more...

Solutions To Environmental Problems: Water Course

Students can take the STEP Water course to study issues regarding water conservation, and initiate and lead campus projects pertaining to these topics. Read more...

Smart Irrigation

Loyola implements water smart landscaping and a "Smart Irrigation System" to conserve water. Read more...

Stormwater Management

Loyola manages stormwater effectively through a variety of sustainable technologies. Read more...

Gentle De-Icing

Facilities Management at Loyola uses sugar beet-based anti-icing granules to protect the watershed and Lake Michigan. Read more...


Institute of Environmental Sustainability
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