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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Alternative Transportation

Alt Trans icon Loyola University Chicago seeks to provide efficient, convenient, and safe transportation options for students, staff and visitors.  The urban setting of the Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses provide a wealth of transit options including train, bus, bicycle, pedestrian, and car. Visit the Campus Transportation website.

Loyola encourages the reduction of single occupancy vehicle trips to campus through alternative transportation modes such as; public transit, Metra, Pace, and ride sharing, and healthy commuting options like walking and bicycling. Increased use of alternative commuting options improves the quality of life on campus, strengthens our ties to our neighboring community, and reduces impacts on the environment.

Studies have shown that travel accounts for 30 to 50 percent of colleges’ and universities’ greenhouse gas emissions. And Loyola does well when compared with other universities.

  • 400+ Lake Shore Campus employees live less than five miles from campus
  • More than 75% of employees who live within one mile, regularly walk to work
  • 26% of Lake Shore Campus employees use active transportation such as walking or biking to work
  • US News and World Report included Loyola on the 10 Least Car-friendly Universities list -at Loyola we like to think of the list as Top 10 Most Sustainable Transportation Options University!
  • Loyola is a member of Clean Air Counts. Clean Air Counts is a northeastern Illinois regional initiative to reduce ozone-causing emissions, thereby improving air quality and enabling economic development.


Biking is a popular and sustainable choice at Loyola, especially at our two lake front campuses located along multiple bike paths. We have Divvy bike sharing and the student-run ChainLinks bike rental and repair shop on campus. Read more...


The Biodiesel program creates an alternative fuel source to reduce toxic emissions. The intercampus shuttle buses use Loyola Biodiesel fuel. Read more...

Car Sharing

Car-sharing is a rapidly expanding industry that provides individuals and organizations with automated, self-service, 24-hour access to a decentralized fleet of vehicles. Both Enterprise and ZipCar have numerous vehicles near campus. Read more...


ChainLinks, a student-operated bike rental and repair shop, is active in promoting cycling and alternative transportation. Read more...

Electric Vehicle Charging

Loyola now has 2 electric vehicle charging stations installed and infrastructure to add an additional 6 stations. They are located in the Fordham parking garage on the Lake Shore Campus. Read more...

Intercampus Shuttle Bus

At Loyola, all students, faculty, and staff are eligible to ride the biodiesel-powered inter-campus shuttle free of charge. Read more...

Public Transit

Loyola's campuses are conveniently accessible by train and bus, and Loyola programs encourage the use of public transit by students, faculty, and staff. Read more...


Loyola's neighborhoods offer plenty of safe, accessible sidewalks for everyone to enjoy.  Almost 14% of employees walk to work. Read more...