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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Energy Use

Energy icon Loyola pushes the boundary of what a University can do with new buildings and its shrinking energy footprint. We aspire to be a “Net –Zero” energy campus through massive conservation efforts, renewable energy installations and living greenroofs. 

Energy use on the Lake Shore Campus has been reduced by 18% since 2008, saving the University over $6.2 Million in energy costs. Loyola's smart infrastructure is sustainable infrastructure.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Loyola is committed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Buildings. Read more...

New Construction Projects

New buildings and construction projects incorporate sustainability design features and serve as inspiration for energy-efficiency retrofits. Read more...

Energy Efficient Design and Renewables

Many of Loyola's buildings employ sustainable technologies.

Student Conservation Programs

Loyola student groups are actively promoting conservation through a variety of activities and initiatives. Read more...

Net Zero Energy Campus

Loyola University's Retreat & Ecology Campus (LUREC) is working toward the goal of running the entire campus on renewable energy. Read more...

Earth Hour

Loyola participates in Earth Hour each year, a program focused on energy conservation. Read more...

Green Data Centers

Loyola recognizes the impact computing equipment can have on energy consumption and cost to students. Read more...


Institute of Environmental Sustainability
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