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Institute of Environmental Sustainability


3 or more courses needed

Many of these courses have prerequisites. Please check the course descriptions below, or the course catalog in LOCUS.

Conservation and Restoration

ANTH 303 People & Conservation
ANTH 325
Primatology: Behavior & Ecology
BIOL 282 Genetics
BIOL 319 Evolution
BIOL 327 Wetland Ecology
BIOL 328 Conservation Biology
BIOL 393 Natural Resource Conservation

Environmental Chemistry

ENVS 350b STEP: Biodiesel or TBD
ENVS 398 Special Topics: Ecotoxicology
CHEM 221 (or223/225) Organic Chemistry
CHEM 222 (or 224/226) Organic Chemistry ll
CHEM 312 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 313 Environmental Chemistry Lab

Food Systems

ENVS 350f STEP: Food Systems***
ENVS 350a STEP: Water
ENVS 398 Sustainable Agriculture
BIOL 205 Plant Biology
BIOL 368 Plant Ecology
SOCL 276 Sociology& Politics of Food
SOWK 305 Human Behavior & the Social Environment

Risk Assessment & Modeling

ENVS 380 Geographic Information Systems
BIOL 335
Introduction to Biostatistics
MATH 215
Object-Oriented Math Programming
STAT 306 Stochastic Processes
STAT 307
Stati Design & Analysis of Experiments
STAT 310 Categorical Data Analysis

***required for Concentration

ENVS concentration course descriptions


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