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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Action & Leadership Minor

Post-Fall 2015

Description: This minor is intended to provide knowledge of and insight into environmental issues, and develop skills in communication, group management and leadership to facilitate action toward solving environmental problems and the development of sustainable practices in society.

Requirements:  7 courses (21-22 credit hours)*; at least 3 courses must be ENVS

*A maximum of 3 courses can count toward this minor and an IES major.

Scientific Background (2 courses)
All ENVS 200-level courses, except ENVS 2xx, 284 & 290, have ENVS 137 or UCSF 137 as pre-req.; ENVS 280 also has ENVS 237 as a pre-req.)
ANTH 104 (The Human Ecological Footprint)
ENVS 207 (Plants & Civilization)
ENVS 218 (Biodiversity & Biogeography)                
ENVS 223 (Introduction to Soils)
ENVS 224 (Climate & Climate Change)
ENVS226 (Science & Conservation of Freshwater Ecosystems)
ENVS 227r (Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea) 
ENVS 237 (Foundations of Environmental Science II)
ENVS 267 (Bird Conservation & Ecology)               
ENVS 280a (Principles of Ecology)
ENVS 281c (Environmental Sustainability & Science in China)
ENVS 281v (Humans and the Environment in Contemporary Vietnam)
ENVS 283 (Environmental Sustainability)
ENVS 288 (Applied Integrative Data Analysis)
ENVS 340 (Natural History of Belize)
ENVS 369 (Field Ornithology)
Ethics & Society (1 course)
COMM 227 (Social Justice & Communication)
ENGL 288 (Nature in Literature)                
ENVS 284 (Environmental Justice)
HIST 292 (Environmental History)
PHIL 287 (Environmental Ethics)               
PSYC 275 (Social Psychology)a
PSYC 277 (Environmental Psychology)
SOCL 234 (Cities, Suburbs & Beyond)
SOCL 261 (Social Movements & Social Change)
SOCL 272 (Environmental Sociology) [moved from PLA]
SOCL 276 (Sociology & the Politics of Food)
THEO 184 (Moral Problems: Ecology Crisis)
THEO 344 (Theology & Ecology)
Policy, Leadership & Action (3 courses)
COMM 268 (Persuasion)              
COMM 306 (Environmental Advocacy)
ECON 328 (Environmental Economics)b
ENVS 290 (Environmental Law)c
ENVS 363 (Introduction to Sustainable Business)
ENVS 383 (Human Dimensions of Conservation)
MGMT 201 (Managing People & Organizations)
MGMT 320 (Leading & Managing Teams)d
PLSC 354 (Global Environmental Politics)
PLSC 392 (Environmental Politics)        
Application (1 course)
ENVS 350a (STEP: Water)
ENVS 350f (STEP: Food Systems)              
ENVS 380 (Introduction to GIS)
ENVS 391 (Independent Environ. Research)
ENVS 395 (Environmental Internship)

Pre-requisites:  a. PSYC 101; b. ECON 201; c. PLSC 201; d. MGMT 201

EAL minor courses

EAL Minor Planning Sheet, Post-Fall 2015


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