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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability in the Curriculum

Sustainability in the curriculum recognizes classes that address sustainability competencies including systems thinking, applying context to larger issues, interdisciplinary problem solving, and capacity to analyze or synthesize new knowledge from existing data as well as environmental topics.

Loyola is committed to advancing sustainability across the curriculum.  Listed below are courses that are either sustainability focused or sustainability related.  If you know of other courses that should be listed, please contact us to include them. For current course offerings, see LOCUS.

79 Courses with Sustainability in the Curriculum Offered in the Spring 2012 Semester
Ecology BIOL 265
Ecology Lab BIOL 266
Sociobiology BIOL 345
Field Biology BIOL 360
Lake Michigan Biology BIOL 372
Natural Resource Conservation BIOL 393
Special Topics in Biology BIOL 395
Science, Technology and Society BIET 126
Moral Problems: Ecology Crisis BIET 186
Environmental Ethics BIET 187
Ethics in Business-Honors BHNR 341
The Examined Life: Business, Self, Work and Culture BHNR 390
Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice BEHP 416
Practicum in Mission Leadership / Organizational Ethics BEHP 422
The Human Ecological Footprint ANTH 104
Human Biocultural Diversity ANTH 105
People and Conservation ANTH 303
Environment of China ASIA 272
Green Chicago CEAA 88
Nature Photography CEAA 98
Gardening History CEAA 99
Daniel Burnham's Plan CEAA 96
Environmental Ethics CERP 94
Beyond Green Guilt CESE 73
Environmental Advocacy COMM 306
Environmental Economics ECON 328
Enviro & Natural Resource Economics ECON 526
Environmental Management ENVR 600E
Earth Sci - The Changing Planet ENVS 213
Environment of China ENVS 270
Energy and the Environment ENVS 273
Ecology ENVS 280
Human Impact on the Environment ENVS 281
The Human Environment ENVS 282
Environmental Sustainability ENVS 283
Solutions to Environmental Problems: Water ENVS 350A
Solutions to Environmental Problems:  Food Systems ENVS 350F
Integrative Seminar ENVS 390
Science and Society HONR 204
Health Care Workforce Environment HSM 240
People and Conservation INTS 303A
Building Sustainable Communites IPS 611
Community Organizing and Community Development IPS 635
Faith, Justice and Public Policy  IPS 613
Fundamentals of Lean Production ISOM 337
Science in the Law LAW 278
Environmental Law LAW 349
Land Use Practice LAW 450
Business and the Environment MARK 410
Ethics in Business-Honors MGMT 341-H
Global Environmental Ethics MGMT 443
Organizational Change & Development MGMT 602E
Environmental Health MPBH 401
Local Economic Development MPP 407
Life and Inquiry NTSC 103
Development and Change in Organizations ODL 360
Organizational Theory and Practice ODL 390
Operations Management - Honors OPMG 332H
Performance Improvement in Business Processes OPMG 603E
Environmental Politics PAX 235
Environmental Sociology PAX 272
Energy & Environment PAX 273
Human Impact on Environment PAX 281
Nature in Literature PAX288
Environmental Problems PAX 287
Environmental Advocacy PAX 329
Environmental Ethics PHIL 187
Energy and Sustainability PHYS 473
Politics of Metropolitan Areas PLSC 333
Urban Policies and Problems PLSC 334
Global Environmental Politics PLSC 354
Environmental Politics PLSC 392
Environmental Law PLST 359
Urban Field Studies: Changing Chicago SOCL 100
Chicago - Growth of a Metropolis SOCL 125
Science, Technology and Society SOCL 126
Moral Problems: Ecology Crisis THEO 184
Theology and Ecology THEO 344
Introduction to GIS UNIV 410


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