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Jona Goldschmidt, J.D., Ph.D.

Title/s: Associate Professor

Office #: Lewis Towers 921

Phone: 312-915-6299

E-mail: jgoldsc@luc.edu


Dr. Jona Goldschmidt is an associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Illinois-Urbana in Communications (News-Editorial) (1972), his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law (1975), and his Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Program in Justice Studies at Arizona State University (1990), where his area of concentration was Dispute Resolution.  He is a member of the Illinois and California bars, and is admitted to the bars of the Supreme Court of the United States, the 7th and 8th U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Northern Districts of Illinois.  Before coming to Loyola, Dr. Goldschmidt was a member of the faculty of Northern Arizona University's Department of Criminal Justice, and was an assistant executive director of the American Judicature Society.

Research Interests

Dr. Goldschmidt's areas of interest, research, and publication include self-representation, judicial selection, legal ethics, judicial ethics, sociology of professions, and international criminal law.  Dr. Goldschmidt is a pre-law advisor, the sponsor of the department's chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society, and the undergraduate internship director.  He regularly teaches in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, and ethics in criminal justice. 

Selected Publications

His books and monographs include The Psychology and Law of Workplace Violence: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Employers (2004) (with Irvin Perline); Meeting the Challenge of Pro Se Litigation: A Report and Guidebook for Judges and Court Managers (1998) (with Barry Mahoney, Harvey Solomon, and Joan Green); Judicial Settlement Ethics: Judges' Guide (1996) (with Lisa Milord)User-Friendly Justice: Making Courts More Accessible, Easier to Understand, and Simpler to Use (1996) (with Ira Pilchen); Certification of Questions of Law: Federalism in Practice (1995); and Judicial Disqualification: An Empirical Study of Judicial Practice and Attitudes (1995) (with Jeffrey Shaman).  

Additional representative publications include:

Ensuring Fairness or Just Cluttering Up the Colloquy? Toward Recognition of Pro Se Defendants' Right to be Informed of Available Defenses, 61 DRAKE LAW REVIEW 101-190 (2012).

Lawyers' Perceptions of the Fairness of Judicial Assistance to Self-represented Litigants, 30 WINDSOR YEARBOOK ON ACCESS TO JUSTICE 140-185 (with Loretta Stalans) (2012).

An Analysis of Ghostwriting Decisions: Still Searching for the Elusive Harm, 95 JUDICATURE 78-88 (Sept-Oct, 2011).

Autonomy and "Gray Area" Pro Se Defendants: Ensuring Competence to Guarantee Freedom, 5 NORTHWESTERN JOURNAL OF LAW & SOCIAL POLICY 130-77( 2011).

The Relationship Between Method of Judicial Selection and Judicial Misconduct, XVIII WIDENER LAW JOURNAL 455-590 (2009) (with David Olson & Margaret Ekman). 

Judicial Assistance to Self-represented Litigants: Lessons from the Canadian Experience, 17 MICHIGAN STATE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 601-56 (2009).

Strategies for Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants, 30 NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL LAW REVIEW 130-50 (2008).

"Order in the Court!"Constitutional Issues in the Law of Courtroom Decorum, 31 HAMLINE LAW REVIEW 1-102 (2008) (lead article).

Judicial Ethics and Assistance to Self-Represented Litigants, 28 JUSTICE SYSTEM JOURNAL 324-328 (2008). 

The Necessity of Dishonesty: Police Deviance, "Making the Case," and the Public Good, 18 POLICING & SOCIETY 113-135 (June, 2008).

In Defense of Ghostwriting, 29 FORDHAM URBAN LAW JOURNAL 1145-1212 (2002).

The Pro Se Litigant's Struggle for Access to Justice:  Meeting the Challenge of Bench and Bar Resistance, 40 FAMILY COURT REVIEW 37-64 (2002) (lead article).

How Are Courts Handling Pro Se Litigants?  Results of a Survey of Judges and Court Managers, 81 JUDICATURE 13-22 (July-August,1998).