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Summer Session 2016

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Course IDSessionSynchronous TimeInstructorCredit Hours


Globalization and Local Cultures   ANTH 100  A  T, 9-11 AM  Strand  3


Genetics    BIOL 282  B  TBA  Osenkowski  3


General Chemistry A
  CHEM 101 A TBA Daubenmire 3
General Chemistry B   CHEM 102 B TBA Daubenmire 3

Computer Science

Introduction to Computing   COMP 150 A TBA Harrington 3
Intermed Obj-Orient Devel   COMP 313/413 A&B TBA Yacobellis 3
Wireless Networking and Security   COMP 349/449 B TBA Schmitz 3

Criminal Justice & Criminology

Corrections   CJC 204 A TBA Olson  3
Intimate Partner Violence   CJC 373 B TBA Stalans  3
Famous Criminal Trials   CJC 395  A TBA Goldschmidt  3


Exploring Poetry   ENGL 271 (WI) A TBA Meinhardt 3
Exploring Drama   ENGL 272 (WI) A TBA Boyle 3
Exploring Fiction   ENGL 273 (WI) B MW, 4-5 p.m. Weeks- Stroger 3
Human Values in Literature   ENGL 290
B MW, 5-6:30 p.m. Mann 3

Fine and Performing Arts

Music:Art of Listening   MUSC 101 B TBA Lowe 3
Intro to Theatrical Process   THTR 100 A TBA Lococo 3


Evolution of Western Ideas & Institutions since 17th Century   HIST 102 A TBA Dennis 3
American Pluralism   HIST 203 B TBA Manning 3
Global History since 1500   HIST 204 A TBA Khodarkovsky 3

Modern Languages & Literatures

Italian I   ITAL 101 A MTWTh, 6-7 PM Martinez 3
Italian II   ITAL 102 B TBA Defraia 3
Spanish I   SPAN 101 A TBA Ponti 3
Spanish II   SPAN 102 B TBA Carillo 3


Ethics   PHIL 181 A TBA Parks 3
Ethics   PHIL 181 B TBA TBA 3
Environmental Ethics   PHIL 287 B TBA Derdak 3


College Physics I   PHYS 111 A TTh, 9:30-11:00 a.m. Bougie  3

Political Science

Political Theory   PLSC 100 A TBA Mayer 3
International Relations in an Age of Globalization   PLSC 102 B TBA Grigorescu 3
General Psychology   PSYC 101 A TBA Fiebig 3
Gender & Sex Diff & Similar   PSYC 238 A TBA Melchiori 3
Social Psychology   PSYC 275 A TBA Mallett 3


Society in a Global Age    SOCL 101  A  TBA  Embrick  3


Introduction to Religious Studies   THEO 107 A TTh, 6-7:30 PM McCarthy 3
Introduction to Christian Ethics   THEO 185 B TTh, 9-11 AM Rajendra 3
Introduction to Religious Ethics   THEO 186 A TTh, 12-2 PM French  
Church in the World   THEO 266 B TTh, 1- 3 PM O'Connell 3
Introduction to Hinduism   THEO 282 A TBA Pintchman 3

Theatre (See Fine and Performing Arts listing above)

Quinlan School of Business

Introductory Accounting I   ACCT 201 A MW, 8:30-10:30 AM Zeller 3
Introductory Accounting II   ACCT 202 (Hybrid-final exam in-person only) B MW, 9:30-11 AM Gillespie 3
Business Internship   BSAD 351 C   Costanzo 3
Business Internship   BSAD 351 C   Lithgow 3
Intermediate Economics   ECON 303 C TBA Trevino 3
Principles of Marketing   MARK 201 C W, 6-8 p.m. Mc Grath 3
Operations Management   OPMG 332 C TBA Hewitt 3


Principles of Public Relations   COMM 210 A T, 7-8 PM Kamerer 3
Ethics and Communication   COMM 215 B TBA Lamberti 3


Environmental Health   ENVS 301 C TBA Harbison 3
Sustainable Business Management   ENVS 363 Early Session (4 weeks) TTh, 8:30-10 AM Landrum 3


Social Welfare Policy & Services I   SOWK 201 (Writing Intensive) 10 weeks TBA Sokolec 3
Cultural Diversity   SOWK 370 C TBA Kim  


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