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General Diversity Resources

  • Vietnam Scholarship—This NEW scholarship is now available for Loyola and visiting students, starting with the spring 2013 program. There are 10 awards of $5,000 every semester. Applicants must be Pell grant recipients, in the ACE program or ACE eligible in order to be considered. To find out more information, please refer to the Vietnam Scholarship Flyer.
  • Diversity Abroad—Diversity Abroad is the leading global education organization which targets non-traditional students for international education opportunities, creating a portal which provides information, tips, and benefits for students looking to study internationally.
  • Brown University: "Diversity Issues in Study Abroad"—A collection of student quotes by country in which past participants directly address what impact their ethnicity, heritage, sexual orientation, religion, appearance and/or native language had on their study abroad experience.
  • IES Abroad Diversity—Diversity resources for IES programs including past student perspectives, scholarship opportunities, a student guide, country-specific resources and contact information for the IES Diversity Coordinator.
  • ALLABROAD.us—This site offers resources addressing funding opportunities, study abroad and career development, reasons to study abroad, and information on diversity and discrimination abroad.
  • NAFSA EA Diversity Resource Page—NAFSA: Association of International Educators advances public policies promoting international education and endorses critical, public discourse on the valuation and import of international education. This particular page features resources, organized by category, that address diversity and underrepresentation in education abroad.

Students of Color

LGBTQ Students

  • NAFSA Rainbow SIG: U.S. Students Abroad—Information on special considerations LGBTQ students may have when selecting a program and preparing to go abroad. Country-specific information and LGBTQ study abroad scholarship opportunities also listed.
  • ILGA: International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association—This is an international website that gives the laws, mood, and recent news about LGBTQ issues in any given country. Click on your country of choice and see what legislation exists regarding LGBTQ.
  • The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)—IGLHRC advocates on behalf of individuals who are discriminated against or abused based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. This site includes country-specific information, news and publications, tools for activists, information on career and intern opportunities, and other resources.

Students with Disabilities

  • The Office for International Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities are committed to making study abroad opportunities accessible to all students. We can work with you to identify various types of accommodations offered at our study abroad locations and find the program to best fit your needs. Please click here‌ for more information.
  • Mobility International USA—Travel tips, country accessibility information, student accounts, scholarship opportunities and program suggestions for students with cognitive, hearing, learning, mental health-related, physical, systemic, vision and other disabilities.
  • IES Abroad Disability Grants—Information on grants available through IES for students on its programs whose disabilities may add significant additional costs to their study abroad experience.
  • NOTE: One of the best things students with disabilities can do to make their study abroad experience a success is to disclose specific accommodation needs early in the planning process to either their disability services and/or study abroad advisor. An advisor can then help them to research what resources and accommodations are available at a given study abroad program site. Students should also request that the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities send an accommodation letter to their study abroad advisor or directly to their program of interest to confirm that the needed accommodations can be granted.

Gender Resources

  • CIEE Knowledge Series: Women Studying Abroad—Information regarding stereotypes placed upon American women, gender roles abroad, appropriate dress, handling uncomfortable situations, and overall gender awareness and safety.

Faith Backgrounds

  • The Pluralism Project—Harvard University created an opportunity for students to study our multi-religious society, explore new forms of interfaith engagement, study the impact of religious diversity in civic life, and contextualize these findings within a global framework.
  • The World Religions—A comprehensive list of world religions.
  • Religion and Study Abroad—Puget Sound—Provides religious resources and things to consider before studying abroad in a country with different religious practices.

Science & Math Majors

If you are a science or mathematics major or minor, there are programs that will allow you to receive credit abroad. OIP offers programs with a variety of science and math course offerings. We have created these charts as resources to help you during the process. Click the disciplines listed below to find the program that best suits your needs.

Audio-Visual Resources

  • The Institute for the International Education of Students (or IES Abroad) shares its diversity video, “Speaking of diversity… What it means to be me in Granada.” The video, shot and produced in Granada, Spain, provides a window into the thoughts and experiences of seven diverse students and their travels in Granada.
  • "Breaking Barriers," created and produced at San Francisco State University, features students from groups traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. Students who participated in pre- and post-study abroad interviews share their reflections.