Loyola University Chicago

Study Abroad

Housing & Meals



All students will reside in a Vietnamese student dormitory centrally located in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City. Each room includes a private bathroom, a small refrigerator, desks and dressers. Rooms are air conditioned by wall units that typically run only when people are in the room. Wi-Fi is available throughout the dormitory. Facilities include a cafeteria where you can purchase food, a fitness center you can sign up for and study rooms.


Each student will have two other American roommates on the top floor of the Vietnamese dormitory. However, students will be partnered up with a Vietnamese university student at Open University. These cultural partners are trained to help students navigate Ho Chi Minh City and will contribute to the overall student experience by providing cultural and social insight. They will also plan and participate in student activities such as group dinners, in-country excursions, and social outings. In the past, Vietnam Center students and their Vietnamese partners have made lasting friendships that give both students a new perspective on the world.


Although students on the program will not have a traditional meal plan, there are many options with regards to food. Located within close proximity to the dormitory are dozens of student-oriented "canteens", family-run restaurants and street vendors, all of which serve extremely affordable and delicious meals.