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Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and be of a sophomore standing at the time of attendance.


Total coursework is 12–18 credit hours. All courses are 3-credit-hours unless otherwise noted and are offered during both the Fall and Spring semester. SOCL 264 is the only required course.

Below are the courses offered and if you click on the course title you'll be brought to a sample syllabus for the course.

Course #Course TitleDescriptionCross Listings/TagsCore Area/Pre-Requisites
ENVS 281V Humans and the Environment in Contemporary Vietnam Learn about environmental degradation in Vietnam as well as current sustainability efforts, especially those pertaining to forest conservation and biodiversity.   CORE Tier II Scientific Literacy


Intro to Business Finance Designed to give students a deeper understanding of the issues managers must consider when making financial decisions. ACCT 201
ECON 201
ISOM 241
HIST300E Modern Vietnamese History Course lectures will be supplemented with class visits to historic sights, museums and memorials. GIST CORE Tier II Historical Knowledge Area
LITR245 Modern Vietnamese Literature Read and analyze Vietnamese literary masterpieces. GIST CORE Tier II Literary Knowledge Area



Principles of Marketing Establish a basic understanding and appreciation of the theories and practices of marketing, and how marketing interacts with the entire business process.  



Managing People and Organizations Overview of management functions, fundamental principles of organization behavior, individual differences, motivation and leadership for beginning management majors.



International Business Ethics   ECON 202
MGMT 201
PLSC362V Culture and Politics of Development Learn about the concept of development from a political lens in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. GIST


Contemporary Vietnam ‌(Required) As part of this course, all students will participate in a service placement at a community organization or an unpaid internship.
See the Service Learning Sites.
GIST CORE Engaged Learning requirement.
*THEO 299 Religions of Asia Study Vietnam's major religious institutions, traditions and practices. GIST CORE Tier II Theological and Religious Knowledge
VIET101 Elementary Vietnamese Beginning students will develop basic conversation, reading and writing skills.
VIET111 Intensive Elementary Vietnamese This language-intensive course for beginning students covers twice the course material. (6 credit hours) College of Arts and Sciences 102 foreign language requirement.
VIET252 Vietnamese for Native Speakers Native speakers will focus on developing advanced reading and writing skills.

For information about how the Vietnamese language courses correspond with Loyola University Chicago, please click here.

*This course was previously offered as THEO 199 prior to spring 2017.

Interdisciplinary Honors students can fulfill an area studies course requirement while studying at the Vietnam Center. Please meet with Dr. Claudio Katz, Director of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, to discuss your plan for integrating Honors into your Vietnam Center experience!