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What does Leadership mean to you?


Jonathan Winarski Leadership is an act of cultivation.  To be a leader is to be someone who guides others towards the goal.  It is not a dictatorship, but a role that focuses on strengthening the individual through use of delegation and this guidance.  Good leaders are not always ‘standing on a podium’ leading the group, they walk with the group and make decisions together; only stepping up to the ‘podium’ when necessary.  Strong leadership focuses on teamwork and working together to accomplish tasks so that all group members ‘buy-in’ to the project and to ensure the best ideas are chosen.

Kathryn Stromdahl

Leadership is tricky. I used to have the common belief that to be a leader you had to be in charge of everything and people had tolook to you for answers and orders. Now, however, I believe that leadership is empowering and motivating others to be all that they can be. It is using your experiences and the knowledge that you hold to show others how they can make a difference just as much as the next person.
Yvette Ssempijja I conceptualize the loosely defined term “leadership” as a constant demonstration of intentional deeds that display an individual’s positive contribution to a community. Such actions, as a leader, must ignite passion and encourage growth for oneself and the persons around them. Leadership is a constant journey where one learns to delegate tasks, initiate actions, and listen to responses depending on the task at hand. Most importantly, leading a group of people involves patience in moments of distress, consistency when others forget, and a constant vision when the intended goal is clouded. 
Betsy Redelman Throughout my experiences being a leader in both high school and college, my definition of leadership has changed and grown, just as I have. Today, I think the most important component of leadership is building community. It is there that you can find solidarity and common spirit—the two pillars of real change. Leadership is not about focusing in on one person as a leader, but about the capacity of the group as a whole and encouraging one another to be our best selves. Being a good leader means fostering a space where others feel comfortable to rise up together.
Matthew Razek

Leadership is the desire to learn more; the competency to advocate for others; the skills to be a mentor; the dedication to bring about change. Leadership can come in many forms. For me, it means getting involved and wanting to make a difference in someone else's life. Over the last three years, I have had the chance to learn and develop important skills that I will utilize in my desired career as a Higher Education Administrator. Although I do like to be at the forefront of initiatives, I have learned that, often times, the most important leadership comes from teaching and helping others.

Vincent Nguyen

To me, leadership means knowing not only when to lead but alsoknowing when to follow. I think many of the people famed for their leadership in oursociety are recognized for their ability to lead others, but they would not beso successful without the help of advisers, peers, friends, and superiors. Inaddition, in order to be a leader, I think it is incredibly important to be knowledgeableabout a wide variety of issues that are pertinent to society, topics such assystemic prejudice based on race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, sex, etc.

Gerard Luisi When I think of what it means to show true leadership, the first word that comes to mind is authenticity. I think the most effective leaders are people with integrity and who are true to themselves and their values. Authenticity is the key to building relationships rooted in trust, and the best leaders are able to give the people around them the peace of mind that comes as a result. 
Nia Lewis
Leadership is the expression of service by an individualfor a particular group of people. It differs from the more traditionaldefinition of service in that is not bound within a specific list of tangibleactions. Rather it is a response to more obscure needs of the community. Whenit comes to decision makers the best leaders will not only gather from theirown experiences but remember that above all else their work is for the community.
John Klinker

Leadership is that ability to take part in a situation and be able to influence others in a manner which directs the group as a whole towards achieving a goal. Leadership can take many forms, whether in the case of a person who stands up and clearly guides others through the necessary tasks to achieve a goal or a person who puts their head down and leads through example, as well as all manners in between. Every situation calls for a different kind of leader and every leader has their own individual style.

Meghan Donaghy

I have redefined leadership several times through my time at Loyola. I used to believe that a leader must be “stereotypical,” encompassing the distinct characteristics of extraversion to its greatest extreme or a constant desire to be the center of attention; the last thing I have ever done is fit neatly into that hardly applicable definition. Instead, I have come to find a distinctly unique balance of characteristics that allow me to be an observant, assertive, and compassionate leader. Using these leadership qualities, I have become better able to step back and lead from behind, challenging other students to recognize their own leadership potential and work towards bettering the world around them.
David Blount Leadership, for me, is centered on openness, honesty, understanding, and encouragement. These aspects become key as we strive to develop our ideas and implement them into reality. As leaders, we must be able to acknowledge everyone’s contribution in building a community to meet our goals. Each person offers a unique and valuable perspective which may enlighten our efforts and enrich our accomplishments. I believe we see true leadership when we are open with each other, honest, seek greater understanding, and encourage each other to uphold these traits.
Aysel Bayrak

For me leadership is making an example of yourself, and sharing your experiences with others to make them realize and live up to their own potential, to give them hope and encourage them to do their best for themselves and for the society. Leadership is understanding people’s limitations as well as their talents without being judgmental and using this knowledge to help them toward bettering themselves.


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