Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President

Message from the President

Loyola Community,

I am pleased to share with you the University's new strategic plan, "Our Commitment to Excellence: Loyola's Plan 2009-2015."

The University's Board of Trustees approved this plan in June 2009. Many faculty, staff, students, and administrators participated in the development of this plan as members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. This Committee and its task forces, which were populated by some of Loyola's most talented and dedicated leaders, met throughout the 2008-2009 academic year and contributed a significant amount of time and energy on the development of our new strategic plan. We are grateful for their many contributions.

  • Diane Asaro
  • Sam Attoh
  • Karnell Black
  • Mark Bosco, S.J.
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Michael Brosko
  • T.J. Brown
  • April Browning
  • Mary Burns
  • Javier Cervantes
  • Marian Claffey
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Katie Cross
  • Justin Daffron, S.J.
  • John Dahlstrand
  • Jonathan Dandurand
  • Jeff Doering
  • Jim Faught
  • Frank Fennell
  • Sarah Gabel
  • Sangita Gosalia
  • Patrick Green
  • Aaron Greer
  • Faruk Guder
  • Rachel Hart
  • Dan Hartnett, S.J.
  • Rick Holz
  • Abol Jalilvand
  • Thomas Janiec
  • Dan Kleinmann
  • Bill Laird
  • Howard Laten
  • Margaret Ludemann
  • Art Lurigio
  • Wayne Magdziarz
  • Susan Malisch
  • Jim Marley
  • Nicole Meehan
  • Patricia Mooney-Melvin
  • Ann Marie Morgan
  • Paul Moser
  • Chris Murphy
  • Jane Neufeld
  • Dawn Overstreet
  • John Pelissero
  • Terri Pigott
  • Anne Reilly
  • Jorene Richards
  • Paul Roberts
  • Summur Roberts
  • Jeff Rosen
  • Susan Ross
  • Lucien Roy
  • Patricia Rupert
  • Danita Salone
  • Kelly Shannon
  • Karen Shaw
  • David Slavsky
  • Lorraine Snyder
  • Nancy Tuchman
  • Dan Vonder Heide
  • Kana Wibbenmeyer
  • Richard Williams
  • Christine Wiseman
  • Carolyn Wright

In addition, I would especially like to thank Mike Welch, instructor in the Quinlan School of Business, and John Frendreis, professor of political science, for their leadership in this very important and complex effort.

This plan articulates the University's bold intention to, among other priorities, deliver the premier undergraduate educational experience in Chicago, characterized by a transformative educational experience in the Jesuit tradition. The companion document to this new plan, "Transformative Education in the Jesuit Tradition," which was also adopted by the Board of Trustees in June, highlights how our Ignatian pedagogy seeks to inspire an educational experience that will prepare our students to lead extraordinary lives.

Both the Commitment to Excellence plan and the Transformative Education document are available by clicking on the links below. You'll be hearing much more about our efforts to implement our strategic planning priorities in the months ahead.


Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.