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Services for Students with Disabilities

Note Taker Program - SSWD Student Responsibilites

   The Meaning of a Note Taker Accommodation


SSWD will find note takers for you that will provide you with supplemental notes.

Supplemental: A part; something added to complete a thing, supply something that is missing, or reinforce a whole (Dictionary.com).

This accommodation is not meant to substitute class attendance.

These notes are meant to be added to the notes you already are able to take.

If you are requesting more of a transcription of the lectures, you may consider bringing a tape recorder to the lectures.

   Your Responsibilities in the Note Taker Process

Step 1: Request your accommodations for the semester and indicate that you will need a note taker.

If you have not requested a note taker before, you will need to meet with Lauren Blanchard or Meg Kelleher to determine your eligibility for note taking services.

Step 2: Pick up your completed accommodations letters upon notification that they are complete.

Step 3: Schedule a brief meeting with your professors.

During this meeting, you will give them your letters and discuss the accommodations.

Ask the professors to:

Step 4: Make sure you get the note taking sheet back from your professor after the sheet has been passed around the class.

Step 5: Return the sheet to SSWD so that we can contact interested note takers. Again, please turn in the form to SSWD even if no one signed up.

   SSWD’s Responsibilities

When SSWD has hired a note taker for you, we will notify you via email.  Expect your notes to be forwarded to you from SSWDNoteTaking@luc.edu shortly after that email is sent.

We will use your Loyola email unless you specify another email to which would like your notes sent.

   Your Responsibilities Throughout the Semester

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments throughout the semester regarding your notes.

You must attend your classes in order to receive a note taking accommodation.  Frequent non-disability related absences from class may result in a suspension of this accommodation.

If you are not receiving your notes regularly or if the note taker is not meeting your expectations, please let us know as soon as possible so we can work out a solution.  Do not wait until the end of the semester to do this!

If you no longer require notes or must withdraw from a course in which there is a hired note taker, you must inform us of this.

   If You Know Someone Who You Would Like SSWD to Hire as Your Note Taker...

You may request a specific student to be your note taker.

1.) If you contact the individual on your own: 

2.) If you chose to have SSWD contact the student you have chosen to be your note taker, simply email us their name.


Your identity will remain confidential to the note taker unless you request that they know who you are.  Please notify SSWD if you feel your confidentiality has not been honored.

   Contact Us

Contact the Note Taker Coordinator at SSWDNoteTaking@luc.edu or 773-508-3700 for any questions.


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