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Services for Students with Disabilities

Interpreter & CART Services

Sign Interpreters or CART interpreters will be arranged for students who are deaf or hard of hearing and have provided required disability documentation, including a current audiogram, and have requested interpreter accommodations. Interpreters will be provided for academic programs and college sponsored activities. To ensure quality of services, SSWD asks that you follow these guidelines.

Student Responsibilities:

Students should request interpreter services for classes a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the start of each semester. Requests made with less than 6 weeks notice may take additional time to fulfill. All requests should be made directly to Lauren Blanchard by email: lblanch@luc.edu or phone: 773-508-3700.

  1. Students must notify SSWD immediately of any changes to his or her class schedule; including class location changes, classes that are dropped or added after the first day of a semester, or required class meetings. SSWD will notify interpreters of any schedule changes.
  2. Students must notify SSWD within a reasonable amount of time, preferably at least two weeks in advance, when requesting an interpreter for events, appointments, or meetings outside of regularly scheduled class time.
  3. Students are encouraged to utilize Priority Registration.
  4. Students should notify SSWD of any difficulty with an interpreter.
  5. If an interpreter or CART provider does not show up for class, wait ten minutes then contact SSWD.  Whenever possible, SSWD staff will contact the student directly if their interpreter will be late or absent.
  6. Please submit a copy of your exam schedule as soon as it is available to you and notify SSWD of your service needs for any exam.
  7. Students must notify SSWD at least 48 hours in advance, whenever possible, if they are unable to attend a class or a pre-arranged interpreter requested appointment.  Should a student not contact SSWD to report their absence, the instance will be considered a No-Show.
  8. Students understand that their interpreter will wait 20 minutes, when a student is tardy. If the student does not show within that time frame or call SSWD to inform of a late arrival, the interpreter will leave.  This instance will be considered a No-Show.
  9. After three No-Show’s, interpreting services may be suspended.  The student will receive email notification of service suspension.  The student must meet with an SSWD staff member to discuss reinstating services. If the student continues to No-Show after reinstatement of services, services may be discontinued.  The student will receive an email notification from SSWD that the accommodation has been discontinued. The student must petition to the Coordinator of SSWD to obtain reinstatement of interpreters.

SSWD Responsibilities:

  1. SSWD will work with qualified students with disabilities to obtain reasonable accommodations.
  2. SSWD will provide qualified interpreters for students who request interpreter services.  Interpreter requests require a reasonable amount of lead time for scheduling purposes; therefore, requests should be made at least 4 weeks in advance.  Requests received less than 4 weeks in advance are subject to delay.
  3. SSWD will work with faculty and staff, as needed, to ensure their awareness and understanding of interpreter accommodations in the classroom.
  4. Respond professionally to concerns and issues raised by the student, interpreter, staff, or faculty member.

Interpreter Policy Agreement Documents:


Services for Students with Disabilities
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