SSW Spring 2013 Teach In.

2013 Spring Teach In Twice a year, students from both the Water Tower Campus and the Carthage Campus get together with faculty, alumni, and colleagues to discuss a particular segment of Social Work and the particular interests and issues within that segment that Social Work can bring to light. In March 2013, Loyola’s Social Work community came together to discuss Social Work with the Military Client Population. Issues covered by professors included Domestic Violence in the military family (Prof. Priscila Friere); Children of deployed military and veterans, in the school setting (Prof. Michael Kelly); Substance abuse (Prof. Lynn Boyle); Couples, rebuilding relationships (Prof. Janice Rasheed); Military sexual trauma (Prof. Terry Northcut); Suicide assessment and treatment (Prof. Caleb Kim); and PTSD.

Additionally, the teach-in hosted VA staff to present on various topics and help coordinate break-out sessions for a better discussion of information and topics. In a closing statement, the students were encouraged to write an article for the student journal’s special military edition based on the day’s topics for their special edition.