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IL Licensure LSW/CSW

Illinois LSW/LCSW Examination and Application Procedures have changed. As of December 1, 2009, Illinois is a pre-approved state for the LSW/LCSW. Applicants must get their applications approved before sitting for the LSW/LCSW Licensure Exam.

The following directions on how to apply for the LSW/LCSW have been adapted from the NASW IL website.

Applicants should download the Social Worker Exam Application

Applicants should download the Social Worker -Acceptance of Examination Application from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) website, http://www.idfpr.com/DPRdefault.asp. You can find the the application by going to the above website and finding the SELECT A PROFESSION drop-down menu. Select SOCIAL WORKER. On the right you will see Licensee Application/Forms. Click on the menu and select Social Work-Examination. Starting in May 2014, we prepared and distributed instruction packets for applying for the Illinois LSW examination.  This packet includes important information, instructions, samples of the required application documents, and blank copies of the required materials.  Please review the PDF of that packet before contacting our office (Licensure Instructions Packet 2014).  This packet will answer many, if not all questions you may have.

(Please note, this packet is not the 25 page packet from the state of Illinois, but it does include the important pages from it.) 

Read the checklist items necessary for the licensure you seek

Read the checklist items necessary for the licensure you seek. Students must submit the Certification of Education form (Page 19 and 20 of the application) to Loyola to get processed, which should be included in their licensure application. The Certification of Education Form should be submitted in person or by mail to the Student Services Office in the School of Social Work. The mailing address for this office is: Loyola University, School of Social Work, Internships, Programs and Student Services Office, 820 N. Michigan Ave, 12th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611. The physical address of the Student Services office is located in 111 E. Pearson (Lewis Tower), Room 850. Applicants should include instructions on where to mail the completed form and a contact number if they would like to pick-up the completed form in person. If you have any questions about Certification of Education processing, please contact Student Services at 312-915-7289.   Loyola University has created a template of the Certification of Education, that can be downloaded and filled out for submission to Student Services for processing (Illinois Certification of Education Template).

Once applicants have submitted their Certification of Education form in person or by mail, the Student Services can take up to 30-45 business days to process the form. Staff is not available to do same day processing of submitted forms.

Please note the following: 

Receive your completed Certification of Education form

Once you have received the completed Certification of Education form, mail it to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation with the rest of your application forms and required materials.

Once the IDPR receives the application and all support documentation

Once the IDPR receives the application and all support documentation, IDPR notifies the Association of Social Work Boards, http://www.aswb.org when you are approved to sit for the exam. Once an application is approved, the individual will receive a candidate handbook, a letter of approval, and a test code. (Turn around time is approximately two-three weeks, if all documentation is received).

Once the individual receives the letter of approval from the IDPR

Once the individual receives the letter of approval from the IDPR, they are eligible to sit for the exam and can contact the ASWB Candidate Registration Center at 888-579-3926 to schedule your examination.

The State of Illinois uses the Clinical Examination for the LCSW license and uses the Masters Examination for the LSW License.

If you are not sure if you are eligible or have questions about the licensing procedure, contact the IDPR Technical Assistance Unit at 217-782-8556.

You can read more information ton the NASW IL website, http://www.naswil.org/licensure.htm#ixzz0mXtIUqXf


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