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B.A. in Journalism

Journalism is  going through tremendous changes. Our journalism major is keeping pace with a new state-of-the-art curriculum, a new convergence studei, and labs with the best and newest hardware and software so student can be prepared for what's ahead. We have an outstanding faculty, whose credentials include national award winners who have many years of experience in newspaper, broadcast and online journalism.

Situated in one of the best major media markets in the world, our students routinely secure internships at the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, WLS, WMAQ, and other Chicago news outlets. Students also have access to an online news portal, radio and TV news casts where their work can be published and broadcast.

Loyola University Chicago’s journalism major leading to a bachelor of arts degree provides students with a comprehensive education focusing on both the traditional and advanced skills needed for various media outlets. The curriculum combines hands-on learning with a focus on ethics, values and social concerns. The major:

  • Develops professionals with a commitment to social justice who excel in interviewing, researching, reporting, writing, publishing and broadcasting, and producing news, sports, entertainment, advertising or other material.
  • Incorporates 39 credit hours including a communication core, a journalism core and electives, and two integration experiences, giving students essential coursework complemented with real-world work.
  • Offers areas of specialty in radio broadcasting, public broadcasting and documentary studies.
  • Requires another area of study to ensure students are knowledgeable about the subjects of their reporting—for example, history, political science or religion.
  • Reflects the university’s emphasis on linking intellectual exploration and professional development with an awareness of community and social commitment.

JOURNALISM MAJOR (students starting at Loyola University before Fall 2010)

JOURNALISM MAJOR (students starting at Loyola University Fall 2010 or later)
JOURNALISM MINOR (students starting at Loyola Unviersity before Fall 2010)
JOURNALISM MINOR (students starting at Loyola University Fall 2010 or later)

 *In Fall 2011 all SoC course numbers and names were updated. Number Conversion Chart 4-24-12.xls

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