New Crop of Loyola Debaters off to a Solid Start

Rambler Debate Tournaments

September, 2013--Back to back Rambler debate tournaments last weekend saw not only a host of new faces, but also included seven alumni who returned to serve as judges for the competition.

With varsity debaters Joe Carroll’s and John Wolf’s lack of availability in the Spring in mind, (Joe will be in Rome and John will graduate in December) the Ramblers entered 10 new debaters in this weekends’ tournaments. The debates were held Sept. 27-29 at the Loyola’s Lakeshore campus and covered a wide range of topics from reinstating the draft to banking reform.

Joe Carroll and Phil Kraft, who placed 13th in the nation at last year’s National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence, split time between competing and mentoring the new students.

In the first tournament Joe was partnered with first-year student Megan Nubel. The duo made it to the semifinals and Joe won the second place speaker for the event. In the second tournament Meghan was paired with Phil and they advanced to the finals of the second tournament where they lost on a 2-1 decision to the top team from Cedarville College. Megan won the fifth place varsity speaking award in only her second tournament.

First-year students Dara Davis and Hiba Sheikh also qualified for the varsity elimination debates. Johnathan Duffie and Saeger Godson qualified for the elimination debates in the junior varsity division.

Alumna Christina Riepel said, “The new prospects look promising for LUC!”

They will get another chance to show their stuff in competition at McKendree University in mid-October. Next up for the team is the Lane Tech high school debate tournament this weekend where it will be their turn to serve as judges. Dara is currently serving as a coach for her old squad at Lane and Phil is helping out the kids from Kelly high school.