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  • O'Brien Challenges Minority Stereotyping

    “There are hundreds of stories about white people in the news, five about black people, all about crime and entertainment, and three about Latinos, all about immigration,” said Soledad O’Brien, “There should be a hundred about everyone.”
  • New Home for the Phoenix

    New Phoenix editors provide superior leadership to give a voice to the Loyola community
  • Getting Published in Korea

    One way to find career opportunities is to reach out, make connections, do informational interviews and offer ideas. You never know where those opportunities can lead. That's how Sean Keenehan found his way to KOREA Magazine.
  • Panel Examines Crime Coverage in Chicago

    How did Chitown become Chiraq? A panel discussion of seasoned journalists explored how Chicago’s media coverage of violence impacts the community, how the nation views Chicago and how reporting may promote racial stereotypes.
  • Inside Loyola Magazine

    “Loyola instilled in me an intellectual curiosity,” Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius, said. A Political Science major and Communication minor, Massa (BA '01), cited his time on the debate team as invaluable. “I learned how to do quality research, extract the most important information, and effectively communicate that information.”
  • Remembering Keith Kimmons

    Megan Carabelli remembers Kimmons as a patient teacher who never became frustrated with any student. “He was one of the most unique teachers I have ever had in that he knew if he said it once we were listening,” she said.
  • Why Journalism? A film made by journalists, for journalists."

    "Journalism is a big responsibility. It's something that you are called to and it's bigger than you," said DNAinfo.org reporter Adeshina Emmanuel. Adeshina and TV and radio reporter, Susan Carlson, share their stories and advice with a young journalist.
  • Finding Culture and Creativity in Advertising

    “I like to understand how groups of people make meaning and why they behave and do the things that they do,” Dr. Morris said. “In advertising, when you learn about a target audience, you’re trying to get inside their heads."
  • No more pencils, no more books...

    “It has been exciting to watch these young media makers take their first steps,” said Greer, “I think the process of creating their stories will give them a greater, fuller appreciation for how media is developed. This workshop is a piece of media literacy and I think there is no better introduction to digital media than spending a week learning and practicing it.”
  • 10th Aniversary Mosaic 2013: Focus Health

    The word health represents far more than an absence of illness, 30-minutes of physical activity or a serving of vegetables at dinner; it reflects our fears, our struggles, our triumphs, our confusion, our...lives.
  • Rambler Sports Locker Puts Skills into Practice

    “The best part is that we get to use the equipment,” said junior Megan Carabelli, current co-assistant producer. “We get to experience working in a studio with high-tech equipment that some local studios in Chicago don’t even have.”
  • The Reinvention of Advertising

    "We understand the potential of what it means to be fully connected,” says Simple Scott, but what does it mean to be fully connected? Using websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Netflix constitutes as fully connected. Ten years ago we could not imagine this immense connection.
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    Journalist's work ethic, passion lead to recognition

    Your career is already starting when you’re in those classes. It’s building the foundation … You need to be in the mindset that the impression you give off when you go to class is the impression your employers are going to see, said Jackie Ingles
  • Covering Guns: A McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute

    “After the shooting at Sandy Hook [Elementary] School, as I was watching the news, I became increasingly anxious about wildly inaccurate reporting about guns,” said Al Tompkins, The Poynter Institute’s senior faculty for broadcasting and online.
  • SoC Opens Weekend of Excellence

    Students in the School of Communication were honored for outstanding achievement during Loyola's Weekend of Excellence. On Friday SOC opened the weekends events with a reception for award winning students in ADPR, Communication Studies, International Film and Media Studies and Journalism and a showcase of student projects. On Monday the The Ebeling PR-ize was awarded at the ADPR Reception.
  • Loyola Debaters Win an all-Expenses Paid Trip to Europe

    Junior Philip Kraft and Freshman Joseph Carroll went to the quarterfinals of the Élysée Treaty Debates, hosted by The Embassy of France and The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, in collaboration with American University and George Washington University.
  • Experiencing the High School Summer Digital Workshop

    “This is really a way for them to experience college,” said Meghan Ashbrock, SoC events coordinator. “It’s a lot of what our School of Communication students experience. It’s a week in the life of an SoC student.”
  • Photography Sparks Emotion

    “Seen, Unseen” will include Sandro’s well-known “American Bikers” and “Cuban Faces” portraits, as well as “Atropa,” “Massa” and his new “Peering In: Photographs of an Overstimulated Society.” The work in the exhibit is either of portraiture or images about human bodies.
  • Mixing Gaming with Digital Advertising

    “We should know the process of how consumers process advertising information. However, [students] also need to know how to use newer platforms, like games, mobile apps and any of the newer technologies,” Dr. Yoo said.
  • Building Peace Through Media

    ‌“Journalism is fundamental to bringing … issues to public attention,” said SOC Associate Professor Gilda Parrella. Bringing attention to issues will be one of the key topics at a panel discussion called Building Peace Through Media at the “Pacem in Terris: Building Peace in Chicago and Beyond” conference on Saturday, March 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • The Phoenix Awarded Honors at ICPA Convention

    The Phoenix took home five awards in the open division, which compares all schools regardless of student body size or frequency of publication, from more than 30 schools across the state of Illinois for their work during 2012.
  • How do you Trust the News in a Digital World?

    Pressure for instantaneous news has created a blurred line between valuing expedience over accuracy, which the panel said raises several issues for both news organizations as well as readers in this digital age.
  • Loyola Debate Team caps off Another Successful Season

    This year freshman Joe Carroll and junior Phil Kraft qualified for the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. “This is what we were working for from day one,” said Kraft.
  • Hoovers Come as a Package Deal

    There are four things successful screenwriters need: a lack of sleep, an espresso machine, ideas and a passion for what they’re doing. Screenwriters Beth and Gary “Gar” Hoover currently teach a special topics class focused on advanced screenwriting in SoC and a Story for TV and Film class at Second City.
  • Suit Up: Tailor Yourself on a Student Budget

    Stylist Nancy Plummer transformed five students’ wardrobes and showcased their makeovers as part of SOC's career week events. Each of the students’ new outfits cost less than $130 and included many staple items that could be mixed and matched to create more than one look.
  • How the SoC Career Fair changed my life!

    After a phone and an in-person interview, Monica Harris (AD/PR 2011) was hired as a planning coordinator and started working at Groupon five days after graduating. “Never turn down a conversation, because you never know what [recruiters] might have in their back pocket for you,” Harris said.
  • Students Enter Chicago Auto Show Video Achievement Awards

    Loyola students were busy at Media Day and among the crowd filming at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show for their first Multimedia Commercial Production class assignment. Reel Dreamz Productions' 'Love at the Auto Show' took top honors.
  • Studio 51

    Loyola's weekly TV news Magazine features a look at the weeks top news stories with special insights and analysis. Studio 51 recorded at the School of Communication's Water Tower Campus Studios, is produced by the students of COMM 353 Newscasting and Producing. Current newscasts are posted on SOC's HUBUB.
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    It’s all about taking initiative

    Jessica Cilella said, “I think the biggest thing as a student from the time you get into school to when you get into the field, it's all about taking initiative.”
  • Students Create Statewide Education Campaign

    “I’LL Be Healthy” could be the campaign in Illinois that helps raise awareness of the Affordable Care Act, according to Kathy Waligora, policy and communication coordinator for the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition.
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    Go forth and set Streetwise on fire…figuratively speaking

    Brittany Langmeyer said, “With all of our service learning at Loyola I think that helped me come to StreetWise and think I want to be an incredible professional, I want to be revered in my field but also I really want to help people when I do it. I want to use those things to help people.”
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    This is my Life Project

    “I decided to take a break from mainstream media and follow up on several projects I had, some that I had started a while ago,” Anthe Mitrakos (Journalism, 2010) said. “So I launched a new magazine.”
  • Digital Media and Storytelling

    Do you have a story? More importantly, can you tell it? And, can you tell it digitally? SOC's MC program's first cohort has around 17 students that come from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds.
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    If you really want it, go for it.

    “My life was crazy, I was living the opposite of everyone else,” Nathan Bobinchak (Journalism 2011) said. “Now I’m at ABC and my schedule is easier, but I didn’t get there without working seven days a week, weekend nights, working over night shifts all the time.”"
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    I had to throw out my play book

    “Every day is different; each month I’m adding a new responsibility or a new project." said Lauren Krause, (Journalism, 2010). "So my role is just constantly evolving, which I think is actually really exciting for young journalists."
  • Finding Careers in Advocacy and Social Change

    “I’m empowering youth to tell their own stories. It’s an inspiring way to see the perspective of youth through media,” Alex Miller, development and communications coordinator for Free Spirit Media, said. “I’ve taken the skills I’ve learned at Loyola and invested them back into the communities that invested in me.”
  • V-Day 11.11.11 Premiers at Loyola

    Robin Pannier said, “It’s kind of like the mother said in the film, ‘When I sit at home I cry by myself,’ when we get out with people we can laugh and we can joke. And that’s why you get out and do what you do, so you’re not at home crying.”
  • Writing on the Wall, Literally

    “I understood what it was and like I said to Chaka, get some good calligraphy. I was looking for the art,” Prigoff said. “I was looking to give these people some dignity because they had talent I knew that they would grow and mature and I saw what they can do.”
  • Radio: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    “Even if you don’t go into radio it really prepares you to go into the real world,” John Kosiba said. “To this day, I can speak to any person about any topic and that was because of the professors and the Communication department as well as the radio station.”
  • Loyola’s Second Annual Symposium on Digital Ethics

    “The way I see it, we are tempted by technology that offers the allusion of companionship without the demands of friendship,” Sherry Turkle said via Skype, unable to attend because of Hurricane Sandy. “We’re asking more from technology than we are from each other. That’s not a comfortable human position; it’s not a comfortable ethical position.”
  • Learning about Careers in Health Communication

    “Health communication has been the fastest-growing area of specialization in public relations for at least 15 years,” Assistant Professor Marjorie Kruvand said. “There are excellent opportunities to do different types of health communication."
  • Viewing the Political Landscape from Behind the Scenes

    Tom Bevan,co-founder of political website, RealClearPolitics, encouraged students to “be optimistic” when moving ahead with their careers, citing his own story as an example how a risk can turn a dream into reality.
  • SOC Faculty Present at AEJMC

    “In the digital realm, almost everything is measurable. But are we taking best advantage of all this new information?” David Kamerer said. His presentation focused on encouraging educators to embrace teaching with web analytics.
  • Festival of the Arts

    Winner of BEA Festival of Media Arts Student Music Video competition Jake Brusha for Rome has Fallen-Point Place.
  • LUC's Nationally Ranked Debate Team Scores Big at Purdue

    There were 44 competitors eligible for speaking honors in the varsity division at the Boilermaker Express debate tournament. Grace Labriola took first place award, and Meghan Maloy was awarded 10th place.
  • Rambler Sports Locker

    "Don't forget to turn off the lights." It's Thursday night in the SOC studio and students are finished producing and taping the Rambler Sports Locker.
  • Capturing Summer Stories

    28 articles, 32 videos, 47 photos, 53 points on a Google map , and one complete website. All in five days. This would seem a difficult feat for any team of journalists, but the storytellers behind this project make these statistics even more impressive
  • Loyola Summer Stories

    Twenty-nine students explore Chicago at SOC's 2nd annual High School Digital Workshop.
  • Meet our Alumni in Compass

    Before Maureen Maher became the host of 48 Hours Mystery, she always had an itch for piecing together the enigma behind the criminal mind...One school. Four majors. Endless possibilities.
  • New Home for the Phoenix

    New Phoenix editors provide superior leadership to give a voice to the Loyola community