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B.A. in Communication Studies

You get a text message on your phone that's three letters, but tells you everything you need to know. You see an image on a billboard that makes you smile. You watch a one minute video on YouTube that makes your heart ache. How can so little communicate so much? Our communiction studies majors learn how and why communication works.

The communication studies major proudly places itself at the intersection of theory and practice. Its students are led both to understand and to use, to critique and to appreciate, to embrace communication as it is presently practiced in society and to hone it for more effective service to the human community. Loyola University Chicago communication studies majors’ benefit from our unparalleled location within the scholarly Loyola community and in the midst of the Chicago media hub.

Communication studies courses help students understand how communication can persuade, comfort or alienate. Communication is the stuff of which our relationships and much of our world are made. Our new Advocacy & Social Change major helps students understand everything from community organizing to lobbying to political campaigns, preparing students for a number of possible career paths. Recent graduates have found employment with media literacy groups, international service organizations, internet start-ups and a U.S. Senator’s office.

Advocacy and Social Change Concentration

The goal of this Communication Studies concentration is:
• To develop the ability to understand and use various communication strategies (including persuasion, argumentation, conflict management, negotiation and mediation) leading to positive social change;
• To develop the tools to define, analyze, invent and interpret messages; and
• To develop the skills to become an effective rhetor, critic and decision maker.




Advocacy and Social Change  (students starting at Loyola University Fall 2010 or later)
Communication Studies  (students starting at Loyola University before Fall 2010)
Communication Studies (students starting at Loyola University Fall 2010 or later)


Communication Studies Minor (students starting at Loyola University before Fall 2010)
Communiation Studies Minor (students starting at Loyola University Fall 2010 or later)


Communication Internships

In Fall 2011 all SoC courses numbers and names were updates. COMM Number Conversion Chart 4-24-12.xls .

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