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Table of Contents for Mercury Reader: Moral Leadership

  1. Reading and Writing
    1. Malcolm X  “A Homemade Education” .
    2. bell hooks “Talking Back”
    3. Mitchell Stephens  “The Death of Reading”
    4. Mortimer Adler  “How to Mark a Book” .
    5. Donald Murray “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts”
    6. George Orwell  “Politics and the English Language”
  2. Leaders Past and Present
    1. Thomas Jefferson  “The Declaration of Independence”
    2. Abraham Lincoln  “The Emancipation Proclamation”
    3. Abraham Lincoln  “The Second Inaugural Address”
    4. Bruce Catton “Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrast”
    5. Elizabeth Cady Stanton  “Declaration of Sentiments”
    6. Susan B. Anthony “Women’s Right to Vote”
    7. National Archives  “Photo of the First Picket Line”
    8. Statement to the Convention of American Railway Unions  “Pullman Strikes”
    9. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
    10. Cornel West  “Race Matters”
    11. Studs Terkel  “Roberto Acuna, Migrant Farm Worker”
    12. J. R. Mandle “The Student Anti-Sweatshop Movement: Limits and Potential”
    13. Liza Featherstone “The New Student Movement”
  3. Theories of Leadership
    1. Daniel Hartnett, S.J . “Arm-in-Arm for Justice”
    2. John Rawls “A Theory of Justice”
    3. Elie Wiesel “The Perils of Indifference”
    4. The Dalai Lama  “The Ethic of Compassion”
    5. Cicero  “Statesmanship and Moral Character”
    6. Niccolo Machiavelli  “Whether It Is Better to Be Loved Than Feared”
    7. Sisela Bok  “Lies for the Public Good”
    8. Wole Soyinka  “Every Dictator’s Nightmare”


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