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Post-Grad Service

Thinking of ways that service can be part of your life after you graduate?  From long-term service programs to alumni opportunities, you’ve got options!

Fall 2013 Post-Graduate Volunteer Fair
Thursday, September 26
Mark your calendar!

In the meantime, feel free to contact Community Service and Action for a one-on-one
conversation about your options! 
We have some great resources to aid your search. 
Plus, all of our staff have done full-time service and are
glad to share our own stories.


Loyola Named a Top-Volunteer Producer for the Peace Corps Again!

 Congratulations to all the 2013 Graduates taking part in post-graduate volunteer service!  Picture to come!


2012 Loyola Graduates at the Post-Graduate Volunteer Send-Off

Front L-R:  Alyssa Clark-Anaman, Erin Baum, Rachel Kohl, Kate Shields, Alexandra Vranas, Madeleine Mendez, Elaina Jo Polovick, Claire Wiltse, Annemarie Barrett, Thurgood Burks-Coats

Back L-R:  Miranda McOsker, Jonathan Medernach, Nick Reynolds, Kelli Schmitz, Brittany Hull, Kirstyn Dutton, Abigail McNamee, Andrew Hundelt, Kaley Stunkard, Margaret Rusch, Lydia Gajdel, Max Wright

Post-graduate volunteer programs offer people the opportunity to commit an extended period of time to serving communities in need.  From months to 2 years, you can volunteer your talents full time!


Begin your discernment of post-graduate volunteer opportunities by thinking about the following questions:

  • Why do I want to volunteer after I graduate? What motivates me?
  • Where do I want to volunteer?
  • What support will I need?



Post-grad volunteer programs abound! And many Loyola alumni/a can share with you their very positive experiences with various volunteer programs. There are a few resources to help you explore post-grad volunteer programs:

  • Every fall, we offer a post-graduate volunteer fair where you can meet representatives from different programs. 
  • Our office carries many materials from different programs for you to browse.
  • Want to have a representative come to talk from a particular program? Contact us.


Heading off to a full-time job or grad school after you graduate?  You can still serve!


If you are staying close by, check out the Take Action website for local service opportunities.


Take a look at the post-graduate volunteer opportunities, or visit Alumni Relations for additional service opportunities.

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