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Dear seniors,

We just wanted to say thank you in advance for supporting your future alma mater with your senior class gift. Your support will go a long way for current and future students here at Loyola, to ensure they have the same great experience you did. Giving back to Loyola means you are celebrating the generosity and humanitarian ism of the Jesuit tradition. Thousands of alumni have already given back! The beauty of the senior class gift is that you can allocate it anywhere you want: to a study abroad program, intramural athletics, a club or organization, a specific school or major, or any part of Loyola that means something special to you! If you can’t pinpoint any one special place, you can give your gift to the Senior Class Gift Fund, which helps to support students who run into financial troubles in their senior year. We’ve both already given our gift this year and look forward to you doing the same! Remember that once you give you will receive a donor pin and recognition. So come on seniors, support your school with your Senior Class Gift today!


Your Senior Ambassadors, Ericka Vigen and Joel Thorson

Reasons To Support

Giving back to Loyola means you're celebrating generosity. Thousands of alumni have given back so you could have updated technology, beautiful places to study, and generous scholarships!

Increase the value of your degree! You will become and alum in May, your participation will count toward our alumni giving participation rate in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Your gift helps maintain and improve Loyola's placement.

Tuition only covers 74% of the cost to educate one student. The remaining 26% is covered by Loyola's generous donors. Pay it forward!

You will be awarded a Senior Donor Pin to wear on your graduation gown. 

Senior Donor Pins

The pins are awared to those seniors that made a senior gift of $20.14 or more. They may be worn on your graduation gown. Information about times and locations for pin pick up will be e-mailed and posted on the All Things Senior Facebook page and the Student Philanthropy Program Facebook page. 

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