Loyola University Chicago

SEIU Faculty Union Petition

Announcement of NLRB Ruling and Election Details

December 28, 2015

Loyola Community,

We have received the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) ruling today and want to summarize it for you.

First, the NLRB ruled that it does have jurisdiction over Loyola and it has directed an election by secret mail ballot to move forward. Second, related to the appropriate voting unit, the NLRB has determined it will include only full-time and part-time non-tenure-track faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a result, all faculty who are included in the unit description below (employees eligible to vote), and meet the NLRB’s eligibility criteria, are eligible to vote on the question of whether they wish to be represented by SEIU Local 73.

Employees Eligible to Vote
Those eligible to vote, as described in the Notice of Election, are: All full-time and part-time non-tenure track faculty (Adjuncts, Adjunct Professors, Adjunct Instructors, Adjunct Lecturers, Accompanists, Instructors, Lecturers, Lab Instructors, Senior Lecturers) employed by Loyola University Chicago in its College of Arts and Sciences located at its Lake Shore Campus at 1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois and its Water Tower Campus; during the payroll period ending November 13, 2015.

Employees Not Eligible to Vote
Those not eligible to vote, as described in the Notice of Election, are: All graduate school employees, graduate students, visiting faculty, Stritch School of Medicine Employees, English Language Learner Program employees, tenured faculty, tenure –track faculty, distinguished service faculty, research facility faculty who are not teaching credit bearing courses, emeritus faculty, all faculty in non-degree granting programs unless expressly included above, all faculty teaching in programs housed or facilities and addresses other than those described above, all faculty teaching online courses only, employees who do not teach undergraduate or graduate level credit-earning courses or labs, unless expressly included above, the Health Sciences Campus, the Retreat and Ecology Campus, the Rome Campus, the Beijing Campus, the Vietnam Center, the School of continuing and Professional Studies, the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, the Quinlan School of Business, the School of Education, the Corboy Law Center, the School of Social Work, the School of Communications, the Institute of Pastoral Studies, the Arrupe College, the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA), faculty paid by entities other than Loyola University Chicago (including governments and organizations), all administrators including Deans, directors, trustees, provosts and chairs who may have teaching assignments, athletic coaches, academic advisors including those with teaching assignments, all other employees employed by the University including those who teach a class or course and are separately compensated for such teaching, and managers, confidential employees, office clerical employees and professional employees, guards and supervisors as defined in the Act.

Click here to see the Notice of Election with mail ballot details. There are approximately a few hundred employees in the voting unit.

Election Details

  • Ballot Mailing—The NLRB will mail ballots to eligible voters on Monday, January 11, 2016. If you are eligible to vote and have not received a mail ballot by Tuesday, January 19, 2016, you should contact the NLRB by calling the regional office at 312.353.7570 or the national toll-free line at 866.667.6572.
  • Returned Ballots—In order for your vote to be counted, you must complete the ballot and return it to the NLRB so that the NLRB receives it no later than the close of business on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. Voters must sign the outside of the envelope in which the ballot is returned. Any ballot received in an envelope that is not signed will be automatically void.
  • Ballot Count—The NLRB will count the ballots on Wednesday, January 27, 2016, at 10 a.m., at the NLRB regional office.

Looking ahead, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for each and every eligible voter to participate in the election. The election is decided by a majority of the ballots that are cast. Therefore, the only way to make your voice heard on the question of union representation is to complete your ballot and return it for receipt by the NLRB by Tuesday, January 26, 2016. We encourage you to participate actively in determining whether you will continue working directly with the University or will have a third party, SEIU Local 73, speaking for you with regard to your pay, benefits, and working conditions.

We will provide more information in the coming days to those who have been included in the unit description and meet the NLRB’s eligibility criteria. Our hope is that this additional information will allow you to make the most-informed decision possible and will encourage all eligible faculty members to participate in the process. In the meantime, please continue to visit LUC.edu/seiupetition for information on the election process, answers to many FAQs, information about unions, specifically SEIU Local 73, and the collective bargaining process.


Thomas M. Kelly
Senior Vice President for Administrative Services