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Specialized Workshops

Bringing Second Year Workshops to you

Are you an RA, staff member, or leader of a student organization? Are you looking for ways to engage your residents or provide training in important skills like networking and mentoring? 

Second Year Initiatives (SYI) is excited to announce a new initiative to serve sophomore students at Loyola: Specialized Workshops. Throughout the year, SYI works with campus partners to present numerous workshops on topics such as Vocation, Mentoring, and Networking. These workshops have shown great promise in delivering important skills to students that can greatly assist them in their second year. SYI's new Specialized Workshops offer this same content in an "On Demand" format. You let us know which workshop topic you'd like us to cover (Networking, Mentoring, or Vocational Discernment), set a place and time and we will come to you. All you have to do is provide an audience and we will do the rest. To set up a Specialized Workshop, just email us at 
We look forward to working with you!‌

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