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Second-Year Experience

Student Life & Engagement

Mission and Vision


Our Commitment to Your Second Year


The Second Year Experience (SYE) office provides second year undergraduate students with opportunities to make commitments, both internally to values, identities, and vocation, and externally to majors, careers paths, and communities. We work with students as they develop a better understanding of themselves, their directions, and how their stories contribute to the Loyola University Chicago Experience. In collaboration with campus partners, Second Year Experience provides programs, services, and opportunities to assist students in their discernment processes, moving through exploration toward making commitments.


In order to meet the needs of second year students and encourage them to deepen their own commitments, Second Year Experience will provide a holistic offering of programs while collaborating with other offices to promote existing programs.

Connection to the University Mission

The office of Second Year Experience finds inspiration in the University Mission by providing opportunities for second year students to engage fully in the expansion of knowledge while beginning to make commitments to the service of humanity. This happens through the integration of knowledge gained in the students’ academic experiences with their co-curricular experiences in Chicago and at the University.

Second Year Experience is a part of the newly named area of Student Life & Engagement (SLE). SLE invites you to Immerse Yourself and Emerge Extraordinary! Visit luc.edu/sle to learn more about the involvement opportunities and resources offered by each department within Student Life & Engagement.