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Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs)

Sponsored Student organizations are student organizations formally recognized by the University and are inherently linked to a University department. They are classified as sponsored as they are groups that are departmentally supported. The mission and operations of a SSO are considered mission critical to a specific department and/or the University. The financial resources used to support an SSO come directly from a University department and therefore, SSOs are not eligible to receive funding through the Student Activity Fund. SSOs are solely comprised of enrolled students as are RSOs.

Privileges of Sponsored Student Organizations
Sponsored Student Organizations' privileges vary depending on department affiliation; however, at minimum they do receive the following benefits through Student Activities & Greek Affairs:

  • Use of University’s name in association with the organization’s activities.
  • Use of University facilities in accordance with all applicable policies for meetings and activities (facilities must be reserved through the department in which you are sponsored).
  • Solicitation of membership on campus under the organization’s name.
  • Access to OrgSync, student organization online management system.  This is where you can create a webpage, store documents; manage rosters and a number of other valuable tools. 
  • Listing of the organization in official publications of the University.
  • Use of campus bulletin boards and other designated posting areas.
  • Access to campus services such as audio-visual equipment, inter-campus mail, etc.
  • Access to University publications and WLUW radio.
  • Expertise of a faculty/staff advisor designated by sponsoring department.
  • Access to the staff, resources, and services of the Office of Student Activities & Greek Affairs.
  • The right to actively promote the goals, purpose, identity, programs, and activities of the organization.
  • Eligibility to participate in the fall and spring Organization Fairs.

Sponsored Student Organizations Expectations and Requirements

  • Student organizations are expected to adhere to all applicable institutional regulations. The University reserves the right to determine the appropriate time, place, content, and manner for conducting activities, and posting and distribution of materials on any of its campuses.
  • Student organizations are prohibited from hosting special events or programs during breaks, holidays, or finals. The privileges outlined above will not be available to students during finals. 
  • Student organizations are expected to exercise good judgment in planning and promoting their activities. The University may deny or restrict the activities of student organizations. Officers of student organizations are responsible for assuring compliance with procedures and policies as outlined in the student organization handbook and the Community Standards. The University prohibits the following types of activities: Eating contests, raffles, date auctions, fundraising and/or activities at (or with) a bar or tavern (tavern defined as any establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) and other events at the discretion of the Student Activities & Greek Affairs staff.
  • A student organization accepts responsibility for a member’s or group’s behavior when a) he/she is acting as a member of the organization, with or without official sanction, rather than as an individual student; b) an event is held, officially or unofficially, in the name of the organization; or c) the association between, or the action of the individual(s) is under circumstances which draw attention to the organization rather than to themselves as individuals.
  • Sponsored Student Organizations are required to re-register annually through by July 31st. Missing deadline will prohibit participation in the fall Student Organization Fair.
  • SSOs are expected to post their events and meetings (if open to non-members), at least one week prior to the activity date, to the OrgSync calendar.
  • Sponsored groups are not required to attend workshops; they receive their own departmentally specific trainings throughout the year; however, participation in RSO leadership workshops is open to SSO members.
  • Members of SSOs are not required to attend monthly CAN meetings; however, they are welcome to attend the meetings.
  • SSO Advisors are expected to be knowledgeable of University Policies and the Student Organization Handbook.

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