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Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Student Activities & Greek Affairs is responsible for disseminating information regarding eligibility requirements, financial regulations, and recognition procedures for student organizations. All student organizations are subject to the rules and regulations governing student organizations; it is vital that all student leaders and student organizations are familiar with the policies, as they will be held accountable. 

In order to be eligible to become a RSO, your group must:

  • Be controlled and managed by students
  • Membership in the RSO must be open to all Loyola University Chicago students
  • Identify at least 5 LUC registered students as members, one of whom is willing to fulfill the requirement of being the primary contact
  • Abide by Federal, State, City, and University laws and policies
  • Be a non-profit group
  • Create and maintain an OrgSync account
  • Create, maintain and abide by a constitution     
  • Provide the information required on the registration form available on OrgSync
  • Have an advisor who is a full-time faculty/staff member of the University or a part-time faculty/staff member with approval from both their supervisor and the Director of Student Activities & Greek Affairs
  • Abide by financial and all other regulations specified in the Community Standards and SAGA Handbook
  • Re-register annually through Orgsync

Statement on Registered Student Organizations
Loyola University Chicago reserves the right to register groups of Loyola students who wish to create formal organizations. Loyola’s policy is to encourage free discussion as part of the educational process. Organized advocacy of a position violating the University’s Catholic tradition is not endorsed or funded by the University. Registration of a student organization by Loyola University Chicago is an acknowledgment that the organization has complied with registration procedures.

The University grants all rights and privileges accorded to every registered organization. Registration of a student organization implies that the University approves the organization’s constitution and bylaws. Registration does not indicate or imply that the University endorses the views of the organization’s membership or the views expressed at meetings. The individuals involved are solely responsible for any views held or expressed.

Only student organizations which maintain good standing as officially registered Loyola University Chicago student organizations by following all applicable policies and procedures are authorized to use University facilities or services, or be permitted to identify themselves, directly or indirectly, with the University name or credit. The University reserves the right to review the activities of student organizations and to monitor compliance with University policies. The authority to officially register student organizations is delegated by the Vice President for Student Development to the Director of Student Activities & Greek Affairs.

Privileges of Registered Student Organizations
Registered Student Organizations benefit by receiving access to University facilities and services not available to non-registered groups or to the general public. These benefits include:

  • Use of the University’s name in association with the organization’s activities.
  • Assignment of a Room Reservation login and use of University facilities in accordance with all applicable policies for meetings and activities. 
  • Solicitation of membership on campus under the organization’s name.
  • Access to OrgSync, student organization online management system.  This is where you can create a webpage, store documents; manage rosters and a number of other valuable tools. 
  • Listing of the organization in official publications of the University.
  • Use of campus bulletin boards and other designated posting areas.
  • Access to campus services such as audio-visual equipment, inter-campus mail, etc.
  • Access to University publications and WLUW radio.
  • Expertise of a faculty/staff advisor.
  • Access to the staff, resources, and services of the Office of Student Activities & Greek Affairs.
  • The right to actively promote the goals, purpose, identity, programs, and activities of the organization.
  • Eligibility to participate in the fall and spring Organization Fairs.
  • Solicitation of funds (fundraising) on campus under the organization’s name, subject to the approval of the Dean of Students or designee.
  • Designated locker space provided by the University (RSOs must apply due to a limited number of locker units).
  • A University fiscal account and accounting staff support.
  • Eligibility to be funded through the Student Activity Fund and the Unity in Diversity Fund, once funding prerequisites have been fulfilled.

Registered Student Organizations Expectations and Requirements

  • Student organizations are expected to adhere to all applicable institutional regulations. The University reserves the right to determine the appropriate time, place, content, and manner for conducting activities, and posting and distribution of materials on any of its campuses.
  • Student organizations are prohibited from hosting special events or programs during breaks, holidays, or finals. The privileges outlined above will not be available to students during finals.  RSO Alternative Break Immersions sponsored/supported by a University department may be considered for an exception by Student Activities & Greek Affairs.
  • Student organizations are expected to exercise good judgment in planning and promoting their activities. The University may deny or restrict the activities of student organizations. Officers of student organizations are responsible for assuring compliance with procedures and policies as outlined in the registered student organization handbook and the Community Standards. The University prohibits the following types of activities: Eating contests, raffles, date auctions, fundraising and/or activities at (or with) a bar or tavern (tavern defined as any establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) and other events at the discretion of the Student Activities & Greek Affairs staff.
  • A student organization accepts responsibility for a member’s or group’s behavior when a) he/she is acting as a member of the organization, with or without official sanction, rather than as an individual student; b) an event is held, officially or unofficially, in the name of the organization; or c) the association between, or the action of the individual(s) is under circumstances which draw attention to the organization rather than to themselves as individuals.
  • Student Organizations are required to re-register annually through by July 31st. Missing deadline will result in a revocation of allocated funds (includes start up funding) and participation in the fall Student Organization Fair.  Groups or organizations that allow their registration to lapse are denied all rights and privileges accorded student organizations and should not operate on University campuses. Repeated attempts to operate without University registration could result in disciplinary action against the individual students involved.
  • Organizations that have been suspended must adhere to the stated conditions of the suspension or face additional delay of reinstatement or possible permanent loss of registration. Loss of registration is an action by the University indicating a total and permanent separation of the group from the University. This includes total prohibition for the organization and its members or supporters to conduct any activity on the campuses of the University or at off-campus University associated events that in any way promote the goals, purposes, identity, programs, or activities of the organization.
  • Any organization that financially obligates itself, whether through a member or officer for services, merchandise or facilities does so in the name of the organization and its members. The University is not responsible in any way for debts incurred by an organization.
  • Officers of registered student organizations must complete student leader training on topics in the areas of transition/organizational development and budget management.  It is currently estimated that these trainings will take approximately 5 hours over the course of a year.
  • At least one executive board officer is required to act as the RSO delegate by attending monthly Campus Activity Network (CAN) meetings - (3 per semester, 6 per academic year).
  • RSOs regularly plan events for the campus; and are therefore, expected to work closely with Student Activities & Greek Affairs in the coordination of these events.  An Activity Request Form is required for any program that is sponsored by an RSO and is open to non-members.
  • RSOs are required to post their events and open meetings, at least one week prior to the activity date, to the OrgSync calendar regardless of funding source. 
  • RSO Advisors are required to sign and agree to the Advisor Agreement Letter. The letter acknowledges receiving and being familiar with University Policies and the RSO Handbook.

Officers & Membership
All members must be currently enrolled students at Loyola University Chicago. Groups may offer membership to Loyola University Chicago faculty, administration, alumni, and staff on an associate member basis. Associate members may not hold office or vote. The officers of all student organizations must be in good standing (not on academic or disciplinary probation as determined by the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution or the Department of Residence Life) at the time of their election or appointment and throughout their terms of office. Officers are required to be enrolled for at least six credit hours each semester during their terms of office. A student is considered to be in good academic standing as defined by the policy of their school or college. Applicants for membership in social fraternities and sororities (potential new members, recruits, etc.) must be in good academic standing at the time of their application, with the exception of first semester freshmen, in order to participate in recruitment for Greek organizations. Students who are not in good standing may be removed from office or membership. The University does not recognize the right of any organization external to the University to decide questions of membership.

Registered Student Organization Categories
Student Activities & Greek Affairs has identified seven types of registered student organizations and reserves the right to approve the following category designations:

Academic/Honorary: Activities and membership center on a particular academic or collegiate course of study or curriculum; organizations which select members on the basis of achievement in a particular academic discipline.

Cultural/Ethnic: Activities and membership center on a particular ethnic or cultural group.

Social Sororities & Fraternities: Activities and membership center on the fraternity and sorority system.  These organizations are governed by the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) or Panhellenic Councils.

Media: Student-operated publications which publish on a regular basis.

Service/Spiritual: Activities and membership involve primarily spiritual activities and/or development through volunteer and/or service projects.

Political/Social Issues: Organizations affiliated with local and/or national political bodies; activities and membership center on interest in a particular social issue or concern.

Hobby/Special Interest: Activities and membership center on a particular hobby and/or special interest area.

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