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New Bike Registration Policy


Faculty and Staff Bike Owners,

In an attempt to help stop bike thefts on University property, Campus Safety is instituting a new bike registration program that will allow the department to immediately identify the owner of any bike that comes to our attention. The new program allows us to contact the owner right away to determine if the bike is where, and with whom, it is supposed to be.

The new bike registration policy will begin for the spring semester. This registration policy applies to all students, faculty, or staff members that bring a bicycle on Loyola University Chicago property. Everyone will need to register their bike with Campus Safety and have a new registration decal affixed to their bike. All bikes will have to be re-registered for 2009.

To obtain your bike registration decal, register your bike using the Campus Safety online form, then print a copy of the form and bring it, along with your bike, to the Campus Safety office located at 6427 N. Sheridan Rd. We will make sure the form includes all the necessary information, and we will then issue the decal, record the number of your decal on the registration form, and then place the decal on your bike. We will also check the type of lock you have for securing your bike to a bike rack, and make suggestions if a better lock should be used. We also expect, in the near future, to begin a secure U-Lock program which will assist students in purchasing high security U-Locks at a discount.

Campus Safety will send out a reminder about the new registration policy around January 1, 2009. We at Campus Safety are looking forward to helping everyone keep their bikes safe and secure during the long riding season.


Lieutenant Dominic Vimarco
Campus Safety


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