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Summer Abroad Programs- Rome

Take classes to lighten your load for the fall while seeing the world. What could be better? From Italian culture to environmental issues, we've handpicked the best parts from a JFRC semester to present them to you in this exciting summer abroad package (perfect for students with other commitments throughout the year). Choose one or both sessions.  In between, you may wish to consider Loyola's faculty-led program to Greece.

CALENDAR for Summer 2015  Session ISession IIDay
Due at JFRC May 16 June 27 Saturday
Orientation Excursion
May 17 June 28 Sunday
Classes Begin May 18 June 29 Monday
Final Exams End June 18 July 24 Thursday / Friday
Departure June 19 July 25 Friday / Saturday

Session I

Five-weeks in length. Classroom lectures in Session I will meet for one hour and forty minutes Monday through Thursday; on-site classes will meet twice a week for three hours and twenty minutes. The final exam is scheduled for the last class meeting of each course. All classes are taught by Rome- or Chicago-based faculty. Students are required to take two (2) courses. Each course carries three (3) semester hours of credit. Departure for Session I-only students is on Friday, June 19th.

Session II

Four weeks in length. Classroom lectures will meet for two hours and five minutes Monday through Thursday; on-site classes will meet for four hours and ten minutes twice a week. All final exams are scheduled on Friday, July 24th. All classes are taught by Rome- or Chicago-based faculty. Students are required to take two (2) courses. Each course carries three (3) semester hours of credit. Departure for Session II-only and all double-session     students is on Saturday, July 25th.


Between the first and second summer sessions in Rome, there is sufficient time for JFRC summer students to participate in a Loyola faculty-led summer program to Greece. 

Students should plan to arrive in Greece on Friday, June 19th.  Students enrolling in Session II at the JFRC should plan to arrive in Rome on Sunday, June 28th. 

For details about costs and procedures for enrolling for the inter-session, please click here.

Schedule of courses

See Summer 2015 Course Offerings Click onto the title of a course to view the syllabus for that course when it becomes available (syllabi for summer 2015 classes will be available in January).

Basic program fee

The basic Rome program fee for each summer session abroad covers tuition (entitling enrollment in six semester hours), room and partial board (breakfast and lunch will be provided Monday through Thursday), activities' fees, select additional course fees, and three day-long trips: the initial orientation day trip, a trip to Pompeii, and a trip to Assisi in SS I, and the orientation day excursion, a trip to Herculaneum, and a trip to Orvieto in SS II.

Roundtrip airfare (USA-Rome-USA) and international student health insurance are not included in the program fee and are the personal responsibility of the student. Optional week-end trips are also not included but will be available at a student's own expense. Likewise, the inter-session course to Greece (3 semester hours) will be offered at a separate cost covering tuition, lodging, travel, and meals (click here) and requires a separate online application.


Summer I (5 weeks)  
Tuition (6 s.h.) $4,230
Housing (34 nights) $1,700
Technology Fee     $60
Activities, Meals, Single-Day Excursions $1,510
Summer II (4 weeks)  
Tuition (6 s.h.) $4,230
Housing (28 nights) $1,400
Technology Fee      $60
Activities, Meals, Single-Day Excursions $1,410
Double Summer (9 weeks)  
Tuition (12 s.h.) $8,460
Housing (62 nights)* $2,800*
Technology Fees    $120
Activities, Meals, Single-Day Excursions $2,920

* Students who enroll for both Session I and Session II at the JFRC will receive a slightly discounted rate on housing for Session II.  In addition, double-session students who will not be traveling outside of Rome will be permitted to remain on campus during the eight-day break between sessions at no charge for housing, but must arrange for their own meals, as no regular food service will be available during this break.  

Included in Cost


Summer Session I 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015 (tentative)
This is a one-day Study Trip to the Roman city of Pompeii which was buried by ash falling from Mt. Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. Except for a lucky few, Pompeiians suffered a live burial. The amazing exhibits are visible all over the ancient site. The excavation is ongoing, from the first unearthing in 1784 through the present. Payment for this trip is included in student fees and lunch is included. 7:30 am departure and return to the JFRC by 6 PM

Saturday, June 6, 2015 (tentative)
This day trip will transport students to the medieval town of Assisi, a three-hour drive northeast of Rome, situated in the center of the Umbria region, extremely rich in historical and cultural interests and the birthplace of St. Francis. Payment for this trip is included in student fees and lunch is included. 7:30 am departure and return to the JFRC by 8 PM

Summer Session II 2015

Herculaneum & Naples Day Trip
Friday, July 3, 2015 (tentative)
Visit Herculaneum, a beautifully preserved ancient Roman town, found in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. Herculaneum was destroyed by volcanic lava along with Pompeii in 79 AD. Herculaneum was a smaller town with a wealthier population. Students will have lunch in nearby Naples while having a chance to explore the bay area.

Orvieto Day Trip
Friday, July 17, 2015 (tentative)
On this trip, students will have a day to taste and see what Orvieto has to offer its visitors. Orvieto, a city that dates to the time of the Etruscans, is nestled in the hills of Umbria and is home to - among other things - a stunning 14th century cathedral. The Duomo, as it is called, is most noted for its frescoed Signorelli Chapel.Orvieto is also known for its vini bianchi (white wines) and is part of the slow food movement. If you're a "foodie," if you're interested in seeing beautiful hillside scenery, or if you just want to enjoy a beautiful day in a beautiful town, this trip is for you.

Optional weekend study trips for summer abroad programs

Session I

Friday – Sunday, May 29 – 31: Torino  (tentative

Friday - Sunday, June 12 - 14:   The “other” Tuscany – La Maremma Toscana and Isola del Giglio (tentative)

Students will have the opportunity to explore the untouched beauty of southern Tuscany and its beautiful coast. Charming medieval towns, a visit to the island of Giglio with turquoise beaches and soaking in the thermal springs of Saturnia are some highlights of this trip, all accompanied by the delicious food and wine unique to this area.  

Approximate Cost: €370*

Spots are limited to 27 participants, open on a first-come, first-served basis. Minimum of 20 students needed.

Session II

Friday- Sunday, July 10 - 12: Rimini- San Marino - Urbino (tentative)

JFRC will offer an opportunity for students studying during the second summer session to explore two regions of Italy and the small country of San Marino.  The trip will begin with a visit to the coastal city of Rimini in the Emilia-Romagna region where students will learn about the Roman and Renaissance influences in the town.  Later that evening, the group will head to the city-sized country of San Marino, which is sandwiched between Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche regions and learn about its history and reasons for sovereignty.  The last stop of the trip will be the Renaissance-inspired walled town of Urbino, which is an important example of successful urban planning and culture.

Approximate Cost: €325*

*Price is approximate and subject to change. Minimum number of participants needed for each paid trip to go. Students must sign up and pay in the JFRC Business Office.  Spots are limited, open on a first-come, first-served basis.


 Things to Consider

Please be aware that, when making your flight reservations, participants in the JFRC 2015 summer program are expected to arrive at the JFRC between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on Saturday: May 16th for Summer Session I or June 27th for Summer Session II [an exception is made for students enrolled in the course to Greece]. Students only doing Session I are required to depart on Friday, June 19th; otherwise, all students must leave by July 25th.

There are no school-sponsored student group flights during the summer; all students must book their own round-trip tickets and get themselves to the JFRC campus. Students will reside in double rooms on campus while enrolled in the program. Administrative and student life support will be provided by JFRC staff.

Students enrolling for both JFRC Summer Sessions will be allowed to remain on campus over the interval between sessions if they are not enrolling in the inter-session course to Greece.

Students must select two courses [six (6) semester hours] from the scheduled offerings in each session for which they plan to enroll. Courses may be subject to cancellation if enrollment is low.

Application window

The online application for JFRC 2015 Summer Sessions I and II will open September 15, 2014.  The application deadline is Tuesday, March 31, 2015, for SS I and Friday, May 15, 2015, for SS II, although each deadline may be extended as long as space remains available in a session.

All applications ideally should be submitted earlier rather than later. Students who wait to apply should be aware that registration for 2015 summer classes will begin on Monday, February 9, 2015, so some classes in each session may have already closed at their maximum enrollment well before the application deadline.

Application procedure

Applications are reviewed when completed. Offers of admission are sent to all applicants via e-mail.

The following items constitute a completed application for summer study at the JFRC:

Apply Now  for the John Felice Rome Center summer abroad programs.


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