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Fall 2013 Course Offerings


Dept / Crse #Class #TitleInstructorDays / TimesCross-Listing(s)Core Area / Pre-Requisites / Restrictions
ClSt 206  #1309 Art of Ancient Greece G. Scichilone Th 9:30a-12:30p FnAr 336 Artistic Knowledge & Experience
ClSt 276  #2887 World of Classical Rome A. Evers T Th 3:40-4:55p   Tier 2 Historical Knowledge
ClSt 309  #1311 Greece to Alexander the Great A. Evers T Th 9:30-10:45a Hist 307   
ClSt 334  #3220 Introduction to Classical Archaeology G. Scichilone M 9:30a-12:30p Anth 334  
Engl 290  #5534 Human Values in Literature E. Geoghegan Th 9:30a-12:00 Noon   Tier 2 Literary Knowledge & Experience
Engl 318  #2809 The Writing of Fiction: Writing Rome E. Geoghegan T 9:30a-12:30p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience; Writing Intensive; On-Site
Finc 332  #3543 Business Finance D. Pollon M W 5:00-6:15p   Quinlan School of Business core requirement: Junior status; Acct 201, Econ 201, ISOM 241
FnAr 113  #1439 Drawing I R. Mannino W 9:30a-12:30p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience
FnAr 202  #3546 Modern Art T. Bohr, SJ W 2:00-4:30p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience
FnAr 342


Art in Rome J. Nicholson W 9:30a-12:30p; Th 9:30a-12:30p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience; On-Site
FnAr 343  #2088 Baroque Art  J. Nicholson T 9:30a-12:30p   On-Site 
FnAr 344  #4181 Early Italian Renaissance Art J. Nicholson T Th 2:20-3:35p    
Hist 101  #5626 The Evolution of Western Ideas & Institutions to the 17th Century A. Evers M W 5:00-6:15p   Tier 1 Historical Knowledge; Rome START only
Hist 300  #2319 Special Topics: Emperors, Bishops, and Barbarians A. Evers T Th 12:30-1:45p    
Hist 335  #5979 19th & 20th Century Italy A. Wingenter W 10:00a-12:30p   Writing Intensive
Honr 216  #5656 Encountering Contemporary Europe A. Wingenter W 2:00-4:30p   Tier 2 Historical Knowledge; HONORS Students ONLY
Ital 101

#3154; #1331; #2028; #6147

Italian I

N. Cristiani, E. Faramondi,
R. Gurtner,
M. Palladino,
J. Schwarten

M T Th 3:40-4:35p; M T Th 12:15-1:10p; M T Th 2:00-2:55p; M T Th 4:00-4:55p

Ital 102 #1332; #5657; #3219 Italian II

N. Cristiaini, J. Schwarten,
N. Valli

M T Th 2:00-2:55p; M T Th 12:00 Noon-12:55p

Ital 103  #1333 Italian III N. Valli M T Th 4:00-4:55p    
Ital 104  #1792 Italian IV E. Faramondi M T Th 2:00-2:55p    
Ital 250  #1334 Composition & Conversation I M. Palladino M T Th 5:00-5:55p    
Litr 200  #4658 European Masterpieces (WI) F. DiBiagi T Th 2:20-3:35p   Tier 2 Literary Knowledge & Experience; Writing Intensive
Litr 202  #4659 The European Novel G. Sotis T Th 11:00a-12:15p   Tier 2 Literary Knowledge & Experience
Litr 267  #2433;
Italian Film History F. DiBiagi film T 7:00-9:30p with lecture Th 11:00a-12:15p or Th 5:00-6:15p    
Litr 268  #2849 Italian Cultural History:Foods & Wines of Italy G. Sotis T Th 2:20-3:35p    
Mark 341  #2542 Global Marketing M. Langer T Th 3:40-4:55p   Junior status; Mark 201
Mgmt 321  #3544 International Business Ethics R. Shaw M W 10:00-11:15a   Sophomore status; Econ 202; Mgmt 201
Musc 142  #3275 Voice Class for Beginners D. Surratt M 9:30a-12:30p Thtr 142  Artistic Knowledge & Experience
Musc 154  #2237 Introduction to Opera L. Zammar M 6:30-9:00p Thtr 154  Artistic Knowledge & Experience
OpMg 332  #3537 Operations Management M. Langer T Th 5:00-6:15p   Quinlan School of Business core requirement: Junior status; ISOM 241
Phil 130  #4663 Philosophy and Persons S. Ferrarello M W 11:30a-12:45p   Tier 1 Philosophical Knowledge; Rome START students only
Phil 277  #5540 Aesthetics: The Aesthetic Experience in Rome S. Giacchetti M W 3:40-4:55p   Tier 2 Philosophical Knowledge
Phil 288  #5655 Culture and Civilization: Italian Renaissance Philosophy S. Giacchetti M W 5:00-6:15p   Tier 2 Philosophical Knowledge
Phil 324  #6181 Topics in Ethics: Moral Responsibility  S. Giacchetti M W 11:30a-12:45p Honr 301A  
PlSc 102  #4665 International Relations in an Age of Globalization C. Lodici T Th 2:20-3:35p   Tier 1 Societal & Cultural Knowledge
RoSt 300  #1339 Italy: Culture and Context G. Sotis T Th 12:30-1:45p    
Socl 280  #3636 Topics in Contemporary Sociology: Italy Today S. Maclaren W 10:00a-12:30p    
Stat 103  #5531 Fundamental Statistics R. Gatto M 7:00-9:30p   Quantitative Knowledge
Theo 100  #5537 Introduction to Christian Theology T. Bohr, SJ M W 10:00-11:15a   Tier 1 Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge; Spirituality & Faith in Action
Theo 266  #5539; #6014 Church in the World P. Renczes, SJ M 7:00-9:30p; M 4:00-6:30p   Tier 2 Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge; Spirituality & Faith in Action
Theo 279  #5538 Roman Catholicism (partially on-site) T. Bohr, SJ T 9:30a-12:30p   Tier 2 Theological & Religious Studies Knowledge; Spirituality & Faith in Action
Thtr 261  #3274 Beginning Acting E. Nicholson W 2:00-5:00p   Artistic Knowledge & Experience
UCWR 110  #3376 Writing Responsibly A. Pacor T Th 12:30-1:45p   Writing Seminar; Rome START students only
Univ 101  #4182 First-Year Seminar S. Cavallo T 10:00-11:00a   Rome START students only
Univ 102  #5980 Loyola Seminar: Ignation Discernment J. Chandler, SJ TBA    
Univ 301  #2517 Ricci Seminar A. Wingenter TBA   RICCI Scholars only; Writing Intensive


TUTORIALS for CREDIT (permission required)

Dept/Crse #Class #TitleInstructorPre-requisites/Comments
Grek 388 #1315 Readings in Greek Literature I Conti Ancient Greek through Level 200+
Ital 300 #1335 Tutorial for credit Palladino Italian through 250-251
Ital 301 #3328 Stylistics TBA Italian through 250-251
Latn 388 #1319 Readings in Latin Literature I Evers Latin through Level 200+
Musc 280K #4966 Applied Music: Voice Surratt Consent only; Artistic Knowledge

Course Offerings are Tentative and Subject to Change. All classes are worth three credit hours, unless otherwise noted.


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