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Student Life Assistants

What is a Student Life Assistant?

The Offices of the Associate Dean of Students and the Director of Resident Life & Student Services welcome students from all over the United States and assist with adjustment to a new culture, a new language and a new learning experience. The Associate Dean of Students, Cynthia Bomben, is aided by the Director of Resident Life & Student Services, Alvin Mangosing, along with a staff of Student Life Assistants, each of whom, having graduated from college and having lived in Rome, is a mature, invaluable resource to students.

The Student Life Assistants for the current academic year are:


(L-R) Pedro Guerrero (LUC), Alvin Mangosing, Chandni Patel (St. Louis Univ.), Anna Springer (LUC), Jessica Kuh (LUC), Cindy Bomben, Mitch Catalano (LUC), Steven Metzmaker (LUC)

Student Life Assistants for academic year 2014–2015 are Mitchell Catalano (Loyola University Chicago), Pedro Guerrero (Loyola University Chicago), Jessica Kuh (Loyola University Chicago), Steven Metzmaker (Loyola University Chicago), Chandni Patel (St. Louis University), and Anna Springer (Loyola University Chicago).

The responsibility of these offices extends to all facets of student life outside the immediate concerns of the Academic Office. Under their auspices, the JFRC provides such general university services as counseling and guidance, housing, health and food services, recreation and student activities.

The special character of the JFRC program, however, adds another dimension to the function of the offices of Student Life, namely, the enrichment of the student's foreign study experience. Advice is given about the adventures of life in a foreign country and use of a foreign language, travel, exploration of the European historical and artistic heritage, and an appreciation of cultural differences.

These offices also assist students in obtaining their residency permits (permessi di soggiorno) from the police (questura) and plan co-curricular activities. The Student Life staff provides direction and guidance to students in organizing social and cultural events, such as lectures on Italian life and culture and exchange socials with Italian students. These offices also moderate the Rome Center's newsletter, Ciao Roma, and other media outlets that chronicle the events and friendships of this study-abroad experience. Students are invited to take advantage of these services. They are intended to contribute to the depth and appreciation of the study abroad experience. 

Qualifications to be an SLA



To apply for the student life assistant position, download and complete the SLA Application.  Please be thorough and detailed when filling out the application. It will be the primary basis for the selection of the short list of candidates. Candidates need three letters of recommendation in support of their application. Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly by the writer via email to Alvin Mangosing at amangosing@luc.edu.

  1. One letter must come from a university-level faculty member who taught you.
  2. The second letter must come from either your residence life supervisor or from your supervisor at work.
  3. The third letter should come from a member of the university community who knows you personally.

All application materials and letters of recommendation should be emailed to Alvin Mangosing at amangosing@luc.edu.

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is Monday, March 31, 2014.

Selection Process

Once your application and all three letters of recommendation have been received, the materials will be reviewed by the selection committee in Rome. Candidates on the short list will be interviewed by telephone, in person, or Skype. Appointments will be announced by Mr. Mangosing no later than Friday, May 9, 2014.

All questions regarding a candidate's status should be addressed to Alvin Mangosing at amangosing@luc.edu.

Loyola University Chicago is an equal opportunity educator and employer.


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