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John Felice Rome Center

Student Services on Campus

Office of the Senior Academic Services Advisor

This office ensures the proper implementation of Loyola University Chicago's academic policies as well as any local policies that have been enacted specifically for the John Felice Rome Center (JFRC). Among the services provided to students are assistance with registration, processing of add/drop, pass/fail and audit requests, withdrawal petitions and transfer applications.

The Senior Academic Services Advisor assists students in organizing tutorials. She aids students with special needs in obtaining necessary academic accommodations in conjunction with the Learning Disabilities Office of Loyola in Chicago and provides general academic counseling to students. She also works with Loyola's Office of the Bursar and Office of Student Financial Assistance in Chicago concerning problems that may arise with student accounts.

Office of Student Life

Our Student Life Offices welcome students from all over the United States and assist students with adjustment to a new culture, a new language and a new learning experience. The Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life and Student Services are assisted by the current staff of Student Life Assistants (SLAs), each of whom, having graduated from college and having lived in Rome, is a mature, invaluable resource to students.

What is a Student Life Assistant?

The Offices of the Associate Dean of Students and the Director of Residential Life and Student Services welcome students from all over the United States and assist with adjustment to a new culture, a new language and a new learning experience. The Associate Dean of Students, Cynthia Bomben, is aided by a Director of Residence Life and Student Services, Alvin Mangosing, along with a staff of Student Life Assistants, each of whom, having graduated from college and having lived in Rome, is a mature, invaluable resource to students.

The Student Life Assistants for the current academic year are:

The responsibility of this office extends to all facets of student life outside the immediate concerns of the Academic Office. Under the guidance of the staff in the offices of Student Life, the JFRC provides such general university services as counseling and guidance, housing, health and food services, recreation and student activities.

The special character of the JFRC program, however, adds another dimension to the function of the offices of the Student Life, namely, the enrichment of the student's foreign study experience. Advice is given about the adventures of life in a foreign country and use of a foreign language, travel, exploration of the European historical and artistic heritage, and an appreciation of cultural differences.

These offices also assist students in obtaining their residency permits (permessi di soggiorno) from the police (questura) and plan co-curricular activities. The Associate Dean of Students and the Director of Residence Life and Student Services, together with their staff of SLAs, provide guidance to students in organizing social and cultural events, such as lectures on Italian life and culture and exchange socials with Italian students. These offices also moderate the JFRC's newsletter, Ciao Roma, and the yearbook on CD which chronicles the events and friendships of this study-abroad experience. Students are invited to take advantage of these services. They are intended to contribute to the depth and appreciation of the study abroad experience.

Office of Campus Ministry

By reason of its nature and function, Loyola University Chicago has always attempted to provide for the education of the whole person. As an essential aspect of this goal, the school is concerned with the spiritual life of its students. The JFRC provides the means whereby students can successfully integrate their spiritual values with the other values contributing to their maturing outlook on life.

Father Albert Anuszewski, O.S.S.T. and Father Ted Bohr, S.J. lead campus ministry for the JFRC Campus. Students are encouraged to assist Father Al and Father Ted in celebrating Mass and other liturgical events. The campus chapel is the site of regular religious services.

The ministry office offers information regarding opportunities for attending Roman Catholic liturgies in Rome, visits to the Vatican and other major religious sites, and the locations and times of services of other faiths in Rome. Special arrangements are made each semester for JFRC students to participate in a papal audience.

Beyond providing guidance for Roman Catholic worship, the Office of Campus Ministry also provides information for students with other faith traditions. As an international hub, Rome is home to places of worship for many faiths. Students are encouraged to stay in touch with their faith during their time abroad.

Medical Services: On-Campus Doctor

The Rome Center offers on-campus consultation with an English-speaking Italian physician during regularly scheduled office hours two times each week during the fall and spring semesters. The physician may examine students, write prescriptions, and/or recommend follow-up attention at private or state facilities in the area. He also may administer injections or, for a very modest fee, a registered nurse can come to the Rome Center at other times to do so. All student rooms are equipped with refrigerators in which medicines that need to be kept cold can be stored. If special security is required, there is also a refrigerator in the doctor's office at the Rome Center.

The infirmary does not provide medication. Medication can be obtained easily at a local pharmacy. Students who take regular prescriptions should talk with their doctor before traveling to Rome and if possible, take enough medication to last the whole time while abroad. 

It is illegal to have medication mailed to a student in Italy and it will be stopped at customs. Students should bring enough of their prescription medication with them to last their entire stay in Rome (this is also true for contact lenses, over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines, and vitamins). American prescriptions are not honored here.  Ask your home doctor to list the generic name of the medicines. If you need a prescription while abroad, you must see an Italian doctor and have a new prescription written. You will also be asked to pay the full market price and then you must file independently with your insurance once you are home.

Please note: Not all medications are available in Italy e.g., ADD and ADHD medications.

In cases requiring hospitalization, students are usually sent to the Gemelli Hospital or San Filippo Neri. 

Counseling Services

The JFRC offers a unique environment rich in possibilities for personal and social development. The faculty and staff are available to help students adjust to the new setting and during any emotionally upsetting moments.  The Rome Center also offers professional psychological support for its students by providing weekly visits to campus by an English-speaking Italian psychologist, an English counselor from London, and has an extended network of English-speaking psychiatrists in Rome.

Business Office

The Business Office at the JFRC handles several financial transactions: money exchange, cashing of traveler's checks and money orders, security envelopes, and the collection of various fees.

A credit card machine is installed in the Business Office at the Rome Center. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard and Visa. Payment for school-sponsored trips or for books may be made by credit card.

The Business Office has posted hours. At especially busy times, the office may extend its hours.

Information Commons/Library

The Information Commons opened in January 2011 completing Phase I of the Insieme per il futuro campaign to renovate the center's now permanent home.  The information commons is a model of energy efficiency and sustainable development, maximizing the use of energy consumed and minimizing the impact on the environment, and is a beautiful work of architecture.  This facility is one of the most technologically advanced libraries in Rome, an appropriate home for the largest collection of English books in the city. 

Students will find access to WiFi, computers, and study rooms equipped with state-of-the art technology. 

The Library is also included in the Information Commons.  Students will find stacks of books on the upper level of the IC.  These stacks include an excellent travel section.  Inter-library loans are also possible from Loyola University Chicago's library, and visiting students will have access to Loyola Chicago's online library resources.

Food Service

As stipulated in the Room Application and Contract, the Rome Center provides two meals (lunch and dinner) per day in the cafeteria. Be advised that there is no meal service during these periods:

The cafeteria service is provided by an Italian catering company and the menu items are predominantly Italian. Students with special dietary needs should contact the Associate Dean of Students or Director of Residential Life and Student Services in Rome for detailed information to ensure that they will not encounter any difficulties with the differences they may find in the food. Italian cuisine is among the most delectable in the world and discovering its variety is an integral part of a student's JFRC experience.

Besides the cafeteria food service, there is also a separate coffee bar within the Rome Center Campus, "Rinaldo's Café," where cappuccini, soft drinks, snacks and continental breakfast may be purchased. It is open every day except Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


The JFRC runs its own laundry service. There are coin-operated washing machines, dryers, and clothes lines for students on the 4th floor at the JFRC. In the same area there are large sinks where clothes can be washed by hand and lines for drying. Dry cleaning, which is very expensive, can be done at nearby establishments.  Students residing at the Zone hotel can choose to bring their clothes to campus or can use local services that the JFRC has already established contacts with.


The Rome Center bookstore sells textbooks for all Semester JFRC courses. Textbooks may be purchased in €, $, or traveler's checks. A percentage (usually 15%) is added to the price of a book to cover shipping and customs' charges. Once purchased, books cannot be returned for reimbursement if the student drops a course. Books in good condition that will be used in future courses may be returned at the end of the semester. The JFRC bookstore does not sell notebooks or other school supplies. These can be bought at a local department store or at any stationery store in the vicinity.

Computer Labs

The JFRC provides computer stations for its students. All are connected with the Internet, and those in the computer labs and information commons are accessible 24 hours a day. Students should bring a USB flash drive to save all of their documents.  Students can print to local computers in the labs and in the information commons.  All students will receive a printer card with 8 euro already loaded on it.  Students can then add money to their cards on campus.

The JFRC also offers wireless access in the information commons/library and "Rinaldo's Cafe." If students wish to avail themselves of this service, once in Rome they will be provided with the electronic information necessary for accessing the Internet through the JFRC's system. They also may need to acquire a wireless access card in Rome to ensure compatibility. In deciding whether to take a personal computer with them, students should bear in mind that it represents that much more valuable personal property for them to look out for while they are abroad.


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