Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

Laundry and Work Requests

Loyola Maintenance Request
To submit a work request to the Facilities Department, please use the TMA system. The Facilities Department does not process laundry requests. For those, please see below. (allow pop-ups to access the TMA site)
For directions on submitting a work request click here.
Any questions about the TMA system should be directed to Richard Jacques.
Laundry Machines and Maintenance
Laundry services are provided in partnership with WASH Laundry Systems. If there is a malfunctioning washer/dryer, please contact WASH directly. 
Phone: (800) 342-9532
SmartPhone App: Fixlaundry ( Apple | Android )
For refunds due to malfunctions, please submit a Laundry Refund Request