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Here you will find information on the types of positions involved with the desk and what types of services your Desk Staff can offer you. Being a member of the Desk Staff means bringing your unique character and strengths to the forefront of the Loyola Community, making residence halls into homes and new experiences into lasting memories. The Loyola Community is growing, and you can be a part of it!

We are currently looking for First year students to join our desk staff as desk receptionists. There are currently 5 positions open. Below you will find more information about Desk Services & Desk Staff. Each residence hall has it's own desk staff. This student staff group consists of Desk Supervisors, Desk Managers, Desk Receptionists.


Services Available at the Desk

Cart Rental: If you need help moving in, moving out, or just generally moving things carts are available for rental.

Vacuum Rental: Need to clean your room? Vacuums are available at the front desk for use.

Board Game, Ping Pong, etc. Rental: If you need something fun to do with a group of friends come down to the desk for a board game to play for the night.

General Questions: Need directions somewhere downtown? Looking for a cheap place to eat somewhere around campus? Need advice on some classes to enroll in for next semester from upperclassmen? Come down to the front desk for some answers to your questions.

Directions & Referrals to other Departments: We can give you directions to Sullivan or Crown and if you have no idea where to go to find the Hub or anything else we can point you in the right direction.

Distribution of Overnight guest passes (in First Year Residence Halls): If you have a guest coming for the night we can get you a guest pass so they can stay.

Lock-Out: If you have been locked out of your room by your roommate we can get the key to you so you can open your door and get your own key.

Temporary IDs: You lost your ID and cannot get into the Residence Halls through the proxy scan. We can get you a temporary one until you go get your new replacement or find yours.

Welcoming Atmosphere at the Front of Residence Halls: Every time you walk in the front doors you are guaranteed a friendly smile and a hello.

Desk Receptionist

• Provide a safe, welcoming environment for residents and guests

• Check guests into and out of the residence hall

• Confirm that residents have their IDs and are swiping them when entering the residence hall

• Keep desk clean and organized at all times

• Issue overnight guest passes

• Issue temporary IDs or keys and file paperwork associated with this

• Serve as a resource by answering any questions residents or guests may have including residence life policies, directions around campus, events occurring on campus, etc.

• File appropriate paperwork when residents rent anything from the desk, such as the vacuum, cart, etc.

• Perform various duties if asked by RD, ARD, or DM

• Attend monthly DR meetings

• Attend training session(s) throughout the year

Desk Managers

have all of the above listed Desk Receptionist duties as well as,

• Attending desk manager meetings

• Overseeing monthly DR meetings

• Supervising desk receptionists and the desk processes

• Organizing and filing various paperwork, such as the DR timesheets

Desk Supervisors

• Oversee all desk processes

• Supervise entire residence hall (DRs, DM, and RAs) and have one on one meetings with staff when necessary

• Serve as a resource for residents and desk staff

• Attending and overseeing monthly DR meetings

• Participate in training session(s)

• Evaluate desk staff

Why to apply to be a Desk Receptionist

-Meet new people

-Be active on campus and get involved in the Loyola community.

-Work on a team and gain leadership experience.

-Develop customer service, time management and organizational skills.

-Learn how to be an influential mentor for residents.

-Interact with faculty from different departments

-Coordinate events and activities.

-Take advantage of Federal Work Study.

-Feel connected to the school.

-Convenience of working on campus.

-Flexible hours.


Desk Receptionist Job Description

Fall 2012 Desk Receptionist Application

Email completed applications to drselection@luc.edu