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Sign-up for J-Term, get ahead

For senior Megan Hanning-Bean, last year’s January Term was a great way to get ahead in school. And it also was extremely convenient.

"I was able to take a required course from the comfort of my own bed, something my mom couldn't even comprehend when I told her about it," says Hanning-Bean, who enrolled in an ethics and communication online course. "She gave me the good old ‘back in my day’ speech about how classes were long and tiresome and you had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to all of them on time."

January Term, also known as J-Term, is a two-week intensive session where students can get the most out of their winter break by enrolling in a three-credit course. Courses are available online, on campus, and even abroad.

"It was gratifying to be able to learn such a large amount of information within such a short period of time,” Hanning-Bean says. “A J-Term class has the ability to teach you what you need to know when you need to know it."

Junior Giovanni Ferrara, who took a public speaking class on campus during last year’s J-Term, says his course helped his academics and made for a constructive winter break.

"The J-Term class gave me an opportunity to get ahead in my classes,” Ferrara says. “Also, being from out of state, it gave me an opportunity to come back to Chicago earlier than I normally would have.

“I would definitely recommend the J-Term program because it keeps you busy during the Christmas break and it lightens your load in the long run."

 J-Term 2014 begins December 30 and ends January 11. Registration runs through December 29.

Visit the J-Term site for a complete course calendar and to sign up for a class.