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John Mahoney

Title/s: CEO, Mahoney Environmental



John Mahoney is the CEO of Mahoney Environmental, chairman of Sustainable Sourcing, and president of Mendota Agri-Products. The common thread for these companies is the recycling of fats and oils and/or the manufacturing of specialty fats for fuel or feed.

John is a graduate of Fenwick High School. He and his wife of 42 years, Ruth, have two married daughters and are blessed with three grandchildren. John has spent his entire professional career working in his family's firm, Mahoney Environmental. After graduating college in 1972, he began as a route driver. Over the next several years he served in a variety of capacities as he learned every part of the business. He became the company's president in 1995, but found time to earn a master's degree from Pacifica University in 2005. John is an active member and has served as both officer and director of the National Renderers Association.

John is a lifelong learner, a student of leadership, and lists his hobbies as an active interest in Jungian Psychology. He reads as much as he can about business and neurobiology.