Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


BBA in Operations Management

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  • ISOM 241: Business Statistics (Business Core)
  • OPMG 332: Operations Management (Business Core)
  • OPMG 337: Fundamentals of Lean Production
  • OPMG 338: Logistics in the Global Economy
  • OPMG 339: Sports Facility Management and Operations
  • OPMG 341: Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
  • INFS 347: Systems Analysis and Design
  • ISOM 349: Project Management
  • ISOM 350: Internship Program (Elective credit only, will not count towards major or minor)
  • OPMG 383: Management of Service Operations
  • ISOM 393: Requirements Analysis and Communication
  • OPMG 395: Independent Study in Operations Management
  • OPMG 399: Selected Topics in Operations Management*

*Only one ISOM 399: Selected Topics course can be applied to the Operations Management major/minor.