Why an MBA in Sport Management?

Why this program?

“It’s one of the few MBA programs in the country that offers a sport management concentration, and getting an MBA has been a goal of mine since high school. The other appeal is Loyola’s flexibility. Classes are at night, and the quarter system gives you the opportunity to finish up in only 14 months.”

Favorite experience?

“I really enjoyed Current Trends and Issues in the Sport Industry with Dr. Keith Lambert. He required us to think analytically and strategically about the implications of policies and decisions. He always made us go a step beyond. I’d also say Managerial Economics with Andre Guerra. The professor really made the course. He was available after class, always there to answer questions, and more. Economics can be difficult, and he didn’t mind answering the same question if you didn’t understand it the first time.”

Biggest challenge so far?

“Being out of school for five years, I’d say getting back into school mode has been the biggest challenge for me. Also, the quarter system, with 10 weeks per class, means you have to stay on your toes.”

Plans post degree?

“I would like to pursue something in the sports industry, preferably in sales, marketing, or operations, or in administration at either the collegiate or the professional level.”

Why Loyola (in 10 words or less)?

“Nice classmates. Welcoming professors. Diverse student body.”

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