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Fatal consequences of unemployment

The connection between unemployment and suicide: Economics Professor Timothy Classen discusses his latest research with WBEZ.  

3 tips for social entrepreneurs

Running a social enterprise can be difficult, but Dawn Harris has crafted a plan to help out. Her findings, published in a leading Jesuit academic journal, provide a blueprint for growth so that companies like Solar Sisters in Uganda can achieve their important social missions—in this case, keeping combustible lamps out of children's reach.

Defining 'social enterprise'

What separates social enterprises from normal businesses? Professors Uğur Uygur and Alexei Marcoux have come up with a clear line of distinction. “It’s something more than having a social benefit flowing from business,” Marcoux says, “because just about all businesses have some kind of social benefit flowing from them.”

The businessman's survival guide

How can you keep your business afloat during turbulent times? Finance Professor Abol Jalilvand offers three do-or-die tips.

'Best paper' award a sweet victory for Suzy Fox

If you think your teachers never fail—think again. Human Resources Professor Suzy Fox had her work rejected five years straight before finally landing on top. Her journey from F to A+.

Vefa Tarhan making waves in financial world

Dismantle the eurozone? Inside the mind of the Quinlan professor who is moving this bold idea forward.


Innovation, Resources, and Investment Strategies in the US Energy Sector‌

Abol Jalilvand and Sung Min Kim analyze and confront the overall insufficiency in innovation and technological advancement in the US energy sector.   LEARN MORE

Are you a typical dude?

Six-pack abs! Bikini models! Hot tubs! Get real, say most men, according to new research that shows your "typical dude," as portrayed in advertising, is not so typical at all.


Notes from the Nile

Professors Clifford Shultz and Mine Cinar discuss their experiences in Egypt just before the country's first free elections.

Human resources: 7 tips for hanging on to your top talent

Research from Professor Dow Scott offers advice for weathering the storm as the job market opens up.

Why attack ads work

Marketing Professor Joan Phillips explains why negative ad campaigns are popular in politics.

A supply chain success story

Natalie Miknaitis didn't study business before coming to Loyola to get her MBA. But once she started the program, she found a way to turn her passion for green living into a $2,000 scholarship.


Loyola's Quinlan School of Business is an established leader in the pursuit of research and scholarship in a wide range of business-related fields and specialties. Our faculty of acclaimed experts successfully combines professional experience and applied research with innovative and engaging classroom instruction. And our professors have been published in some of the nation's most esteemed professional journals.

The broad array of faculty research interests includes such topics as: ethical issues in corporate governance; global monetary instability; the impact of TIFs on property values; bank regulation and systematic risk; interpersonal behavior in high-stress group work; marketing as a cultural belief system; supply chain management; and workforce agility.